Gathr Offers Discounted Brand Packages with $10 Monthly Bonus

Gathr offers discounts on entertainment packages from your favorite brands including movies, games, shopping, and more, plus you get a $10 monthly bonus for or iTunes when you order a Gathr package.

About Gathr

Gathr bundles different kinds of products together for up to 60% savings every month including a $10 monthly bonus product.

You can order pre-bundled packages or bundle your own package.

There are no commitment requirements, and you can cancel at any time.

Gathr Pre-Bundled Packages

Pre-bundled packages range from $15 to $75 per month, and they all include a $10 bonus or iTunes gift card.

Gathr Bundle Your Own Packages

You can also bundle your own package for only $20 per month, and it also includes a $10 monthly bonus.

For example, you can bundle a $10 Fandango card, a $3.99 Pandora One subscription, and a $10 LivingSocial code for only $20 per month altogether, plus you will get the $10 monthly bonus of your choice including an Gift Card, iTunes Code, Ticketmaster Ticket Cash, or Starbucks Card.

There are tons of different brands and products to choose from when creating your own bundle, or you can go with a pre-bundled package for even more savings.

Gathr Offers Discounted Brand Packages with $10 Monthly Bonus

How To Save Money with Gathr

The main trick to making Gathr work for you is finding or creating a package that includes items that you definitely will use.

This is easy when it comes to choosing store credits, as Gathr offers gift cards from Fandango, Groupon, Barnes & Noble, Toys”R”Us, and many other merchants.

However, some pre-bundled packages and the bundle your own option include a subscription and/or service, like Pandora One, ShopRunner,, or many others, so you will have to find something that you plan to use.

Even if you don’t necessarily need a given service that is included in a package, the $10 monthly bonus may make up for the total cost of your package, like in my example above, so it may still be worth while for you.

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