Groupon Rewards Program Unlocks Savings on Purchases at Local Businesses

The new Groupon Rewards program allows you to unlock exclusive deals when you shop at local businesses using any of your registered credit cards and debit cards that are saved with Groupon.

How Groupon Rewards Works

1. Browse businesses on Groupon or look for the Groupon Rewards sticker at local stores to start earning.

2. Use your credit or debit card that is saved with Groupon to pay at the store, and Groupon will automatically count your progress.

3. When you reach the spending goal at a business, you’ll unlock an exclusive Groupon to use there for special savings.

Review more information on the Groupon Rewards Program to get special savings at local businesses.

You can register for Groupon Rewards by visiting the Rewards tab at the top of the Groupon website when you are logged in to your account and clicking on the “Yes, I want Rewards” button.

Check out the Groupon Referral Program as well to earn extra Groupon bonuses.

Participate in the Groupon Rewards program to unlock business discounts at stores, restaurants, and service providers in your area.

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