How To Get Sirius XM Satellite Radio Discounts When You Cancel Your Subscription

I recently canceled my Sirius XM Satellite Radio subscription and was offered several discount promotions during the cancelation process as an attempt to retain me as a customer.

I no longer listen to Sirius XM enough to justify making any amount of payments, but these Sirius XM customer retention discounts can help you save money if you are a current Sirius XM customer.

You just need to call Sirius XM customer service in order to cancel your account, and you will receive the following discount offers enticing you to remain a customer.

4 Sirius XM Customer Cancelation Discounts

I received a total of 4 different offers during and after the cancelation process from Sirius XM.

1. Half Off for 1 Year

The first offer that I received was for 50% off the price of my current subscription for 1 year.

You will pay only 50% of your current monthly charges for 1 year, at which time the subscription fee will return to the prior amount.

2. $24.98 for 5 Months

After I turned down the first offer, I was then provided with the chance to get 5 months of service for $24.98, which is roughly $5 per month.

Again, the price would return to the normal subscription fee after the 5-month promotional period.

3. 2 Months of Free Service

After I turned down the second offer, they then gave me the chance to listen for 2 more months absolutely free.

My Sirium XM radio would remain turned on for 2 months at no charge.

They weren’t absolutely clear on whether I would then have to cancel my service for good, or if it would just turn off and be canceled automatically, but you basically get 2 free months.

4. $4.17 for 6 Months

After I turned down the 2 free months (just because I didn’t want to deal with any future notices or further issues) and completely canceled my services, I received another email promotion just a few days later.

This offer provided 6 months of service for only $4.17 per month.

I don’t plan on paying to turn my Sirius XM radio back on at this time, but these promotions can help you save money if you are a current Sirius XM Satellite Radio subscriber.

Of course, the offers that you receive during the cancelation process may differ from my own, but it’s worth calling to negotiate if you want to lower your subscription fees.

You can also save money on Refurbished Sirius XM Radios when you purchase a used satellite radio.

Call to cancel your Sirius XM services today to get discount promotions if you decide to remain a customer.

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