Hydroxycut Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – No Proof Required

There is a second class action lawsuit settlement now available for people who purchased select Hydroxycut products in the United States between May 9, 2006, and May 1, 2009.

If you claim 3 or less products, then no proof of purchase is required.

You can claim either a cash payment, which could be either up to more than 2 times the average retail price or less than $15 for each unit, or you can claim a product unit worth at least $25, in which case you will get your choice of a bottle of select products.

Either way, you must submit your Claim Form online by January 13, 2015, in order to participate.

Participating products include:

  • Hydroxycut Regular Rapid Release Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore Liquid Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Regular Drink Packets
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore Drink Packets (Ignition Stix)
  • Hydroxycut Liquid Shots
  • Hydroxycut Max Aqua Shed
  • Hydroxycut Carb Control
  • Hydroxycut Caffeine-Free Rapid Release Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Max Liquid Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Caffeine-Free Drink Packets
  • Hydroxycut Max Drink Packets
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore RTDs (Ready-to-Drink)
  • Hydroxycut 24
  • Hydroxycut Natural

Even if you participated in the previous Hydroxycut class action settlement, you can still submit a claim for this new settlement, as they are unrelated.

Prior Hydroxycut Class Action Settlement Listed Below – Now Closed

If you purchased 1 or more bottles of Hydroxycut dietary supplement products for personal consumption, and not for re-sale, in the United States from July 20, 2008, to March 19, 2014, you may be eligible for a full refund of $50 with no proof of purchase required, and even more money if you still have your receipts.

Hydroxycut allegedly used false and misleading statements on labeling and in advertisements regarding the effectiveness of Hydroxycut products.

How Much Money Class Members May Claim

Class members who have a purchase receipt for eligible Hydroxycut products can receive a full refund for the amount of your purchases.

Class members who do not have a purchase receipt can receive a refund for a maximum of 2 bottles of Hydroxycut products at $25 per bottle for a total of $50.

If you don’t have your purchase receipts, you must provide information, signed under penalty of perjury, relating to the purchase of your Hydroxycut, including where the purchase took place, the quantity purchased, and the approximate dates of purchase.

How To File a Claim

You must file your Hydroxycut Settlement Claim online by July 30, 2014, in order to participate.

A Fairness Hearing will be held on August 20, 2014, when the Court will decide whether to approve the settlement, so you can expect to receive your settlement check after that date.

Qualifying Hydroxycut Products

  • Pro Clinical Hydroxycut
  • Hydroxycut Max for Women
  • Hydroxycut Advanced
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore X
  • Hydroxycut Acai
  • Hydroxycut Herbal and Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite
  • Hydroxycut Caffeine Free Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut Caffeine Free Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Fiberfull Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut 24
  • Hydroxycut Weight Loss Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut Weight Loss Shot
  • Hydroxycut Max Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Max Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut Max Aqua Shed
  • Hydroxycut Max Cleanse
  • Hydroxycut Cleanse
  • Hydroxycut Complete Cleanse
  • Hydroxycut Premium Cleanse
  • Hydroxycut Green Tea
  • Hydroxycut Gummies
  • Hydroxycut Herbal
  • Hydroxycut Hoodia
  • Hydroxycut CLA
  • Hydroxycut Shape
  • Hydroxycut Sprinkles
  • Hydroxycut Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut Advanced Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut Bar
  • Hydroxycut RTD
  • Hydroxycut Green Coffee

Participate in the Hydroxycut class action settlement to get a full refund on your purchases.

You may also wish to file a claim for the FitFlop Class Action Settlement to get up to $100 with no proof of purchase requirement.

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