JourneyEd Computer Software Discounts for Students and Educators provides computer software discounts for students and educators from a wide range of popular software programs.

Get up to 85% off the retail price of premier software programs including Adobe, Alias, Autodesk, Cisco, Discreet, Worldwide, Macromedia, Microsoft, and PTC when you purchase discount computer software from offers qualified students, faculty members, and other nationwide members of the educational community over 6,000 leading software programs with educational software discounts, providing literally thousands of dollars in savings over retail software prices.

Current JourneyEd Software Discounts

Check out these examples of current software discounts from JourneyEd.

Microsoft Office Professional with Free 2GB Flash Drive for only $119.98, a Microsoft software discount of over $400 off the retail price.

Final Draft 7 Screenwriting Software for only $129.98, a Final Draft software discount of $100.

Avid Express Pro for only $295, an Avid software discount of $1,400.

Autodesk Maya Unlimited 2008 Student SLM Superpack for Macintosh computers for only $389.98, an Autodesk software savings of over $6,600. offers thousands of other computer software discounts to help students and educators save money on software programs.

Do You Qualify for JourneyEd Software Discounts?

You can qualify for JourneyEd discounts on software if you are a registered student, current faculty or staff member, an academic institution, or a nonprofit organization, plus they also carry certain non-academic products that are available to anyone.

You are free to use your JourneyEd software when you are no longer a student or educator for as long as you please, just as long as you purchased the product when you were a qualified student or educator.

Does JourneyEd Offer the Professional Software Versions?

For the most part, JourneyEd educational software products are functionally identical to the commercial software versions. Certain software titles such as AutoCAD, Pro/E, 3D Studio Max, and Quickbooks are functionally identical to the commercial versions, but they have been specially designed for educational use making them unsuitable for a professional production environment.

JourneyEd provides fully legal and licensed copies of the software products.

Academic Verification Process for Students and Educators

To qualify for academic discounts, you must be a valid student or faculty member, or be an accredited institution or nonprofit organization.

Acceptable forms of academic proof include any 1 of the following:

Dated Student ID Card.
Dated Faculty ID Card.
Dated, current class schedule.
Letter from school on school letterhead.
Recent faculty/staff payment stub (please black out salary information).

You can provide your academic verification to JourneyEd after you have placed your order, either by faxing, emailing, or mailing in your academic proof.

You will be notified when your academic verification has been accepted, and your acceptance will remain on file for 1 year to automatically qualify you for future JourneyEd purchases.

JourneyEd Computer Discounts and Electronics Savings also offers discounts on computer hardware, computer accessories, technical books, computer bags, video games, music, cameras, and many other electronics savings.

Get educational software discounts from to save up to 85% off the regular price of popular software programs.

Additional College Savings and Computer Discounts

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    My question is: We have a school in Chester PA, Accelerated Learning Academy. We would like to take advantage of your software. I have read your information and am wondering how we would avoid each time we order to be qualified. Also can we be on a list that allows us to order different times without going through the qualifiny process? How can we make this happen. Thanks so much. Sharon DuBreuil

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