LocalBonus Small Business Cash Back Loyalty Program Promotional Offers

The LocalBonus loyalty program is offering a $10 referral program bonus for both members, plus you can earn 1,000 extra bonus points when you sign up through our exclusive Maximizing Money reader link.

LocalBonus is a loyalty program that lets you earn cash back rewards when you spend money on your existing credit and debit cards at local businesses.

LocalBonus is available to earn cash back at small businesses in many major cities throughout the U.S.

There are 2 separate LocalBonus promotions for new customers:

1. You can earn the $10 referral bonus as a new member after you make your first purchase within 30 days.

2. You can earn up to 4,000 points upon registration using our exclusive Maximizing Money promo link, plus get access to an extra $5 in bonus cash.

You’ll need to add at least 1 credit or debit card to start earning rewards.

$10 LocalBonus Referral Program Bonuses

The LocalBonus referral program offers a $10 bonus to both new and current members.

When a new member signs up for LocalBonus through a current member’s referral link and makes a purchase within the first 30 days, both members will receive $10 in bonus cash.

You can sign up through this $10 LocalBonus Referral Link in order to earn the $10 bonus if you are a new customer.

You must register a debit or credit card and make your first qualifying purchase at a participating business within the first 30 days.

Once you become a LocalBonus member, you can participate in the referral program to earn a $10 bonus for each new member that you refer who makes a purchase within 30 days.

After the referral bonus has been deposited into your account, the $10 will be available immediately to redeem as a cash reward for both new and current members.

Exclusive LocalBonus Promo Link for Maximizing Money Readers

As an alternative to the referral program bonus, you can sign up using our exclusive Maximizing Money LocalBonus Link to earn up to 4,000 bonus points without making any purchases, which is enough for a $10 cash reward, plus you can earn an extra $5 bonus when you make a $5 purchase within 30 days.

LocalBonus has provided an exclusive LocalBonus link for Maximizing Money readers that offers you an additional 1,000 bonus points when you open a new account and register a card.

In addition, you’ll receive the standard LocalBonus Welcome Bonus of 1,000 points, which means you’ll get 2,000 bonus points just for opening an account.

On top of that, you’ll get 250 points for adding your first credit or debit card, plus an extra 250 points for each additional new credit or debit card that you add to your account.

That means you can sign up through our special link to earn 2,000 bonus points, and if you add at least 8 credit or debit cards to your new account for 250 points each, you’ll earn a total of 4,000 bonus points that are redeemable for a $10 cash reward right away.

Plus, you’ll earn an extra $5 in cash back rewards after you make your first purchase of $5 or more within the first 30 days.

You’ll get the $5 LocalBonus cash bonus on your first purchase when you spend at least $5 at any LocalBonus merchant within 30 days of signing up for your account, in addition to all of your point earnings.

More About LocalBonus

LocalBonus allows you to earn cash back on your credit and debit card purchases at local businesses.

You simply register your cards, and then use them to make purchases at participating businesses, where you’ll automatically earn cash back on your spending.

They support Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards, and you only have to enter your card number and expiration date to register each card, which can easily be removed at any time to delete your card information.

You just shop at LocalBonus merchants and pay with a debit or credit card that you’ve registered with your LocalBonus account to earn points automatically.

You can even shop with 5 or more of your friends at the same time, and everyone will get double points for the purchases.

Redeeming LocalBonus Cash Rewards

You can earn up to 10% cash back at merchants within the LocalBonus network.

You will earn points for shopping at merchants that can be redeemed for cash back rewards.

The more points that you earn and save up, the more cash rewards that you can redeem, with up to $250 cash back available.

You can redeem 4,000 points for $10 cash back, 10,000 points for $30, 20,000 points for $75, and 50,000 points for $250.

Once you have at least $10 in cash back, you can cash out via PayPal or by sending a check to your mailing address.

It’s important to note that your point earnings are separate from your cash back earnings.

You need at least 4,000 points to redeem for $10 in cash back earnings, and you need to have at least $10 in cash back earnings to cash out via PayPal or a check.

For instance, if you earn the $5 first purchase bonus through our special Maximizing Money link, which is awarded to you as $5 in cash back earnings, you will still need to earn at least 4,000 points to redeem for $10 more in cash back earnings, which you can then combine to cash out for a total of $15.

On the other hand, if you earn the $10 referral bonus, which is awarded to you as $10 in cash back earnings, you can immediately cash out for $10 via PayPal.

My Personal LocalBonus Experience

I signed up through the exclusive Maximizing Money link for this promotion and opened a new account.

I added a card to my account during the registration process, and I had a total of 2,250 in points when I completed the sign-up process.

My points record showed the 1,000 points for the LocalBonus Welcome Bonus that is available to everyone, the 1,000 in Additional Bonus Points that is exclusively for Maximizing Money readers, and the 250 LocalBonus Award for registering my card.

I added 7 additional credit cards to earn 250 extra points each for a total of 8 registered cards or 2,000 points.

That brought my point total to 4,000 points, which I then redeemed for a $10 payment via PayPal.

So just for signing up and adding at least 8 credit or debit cards, you can reach a total of 4,000 bonus points, which are then redeemable for a $10 cash reward.

Plus, every time you add a new debit and credit card to your account, you will receive an additional 250 bonus points, so you can always use this method to reach the minimum point tiers, and if you are worried about compromising your card numbers, you can simply delete your card info from your LocalBonus account after registering and earning the 250 points.

Learn more about the LocalBonus Loyalty Program to earn cash back at local merchants.

Take advantage of this LocalBonus promotion to earn $10 in cash back rewards.


  1. says

    LocalBonus has closed down as of May 17, 2013:

    Thank you for being a supporter and user of LocalBonus. We’re proud to have helped support local businesses and to have rewarded those who shop at local businesses.

    We are writing to let you know that for business reasons, as of May 17, the LocalBonus platform will no longer be available to customers or merchants. We have been honored to have you as a customer and we apologize for any inconvenience this creates.

    Because the site will be retired, please take the following actions to make sure you are able to retain key information:

    Please redeem your LocalBonus Points for LocalBonus Cash balance by May 17. We will provide your cash balance in the form of PayPal or a check. Note that you must have a minimum balance of 4,000 LocalBonus Points to redeem. Click here to redeem your points.

    You may continue to earn LocalBonus Points at participating merchants prior to our shutdown, but these points need to post to your LocalBonus account prior to May 17 to be eligible for redemption.
    Memberships will be cancelled at close of business on May 17. We will automatically delete your customer information at that time, and any point balance will be forfeited. If you have linked a credit/debit card to your LocalBonus account, that information will be destroyed.

    Our site will shut down on or after May 18 and you will no longer be able to access information on our site.

    Please email support at localbonus dot com if any issues arise and we will happily assist you. We encourage you to continue to support local businesses. On behalf of the entire LocalBonus team, we thank you for believing in our vision and for being a LocalBonus customer.

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