Menards Home Improvement Stores Free Products with Mail-In Rebates

Menards home improvement stores offer free products with mail-in rebates as well as huge discounts on various merchandise at Menards.

Menards stores are located throughout the Midwest, where you’ll find free product rebates in their weekly store flyers.

You can get mail-in rebate offers for free merchandise and huge discounts on various home improvement products.

How To Find Free Menards Rebates

Visit the Menards Weekly Ad Online to view the latest sales at Menards, or simply pick up the Menards flyer when you visit your local Menards store.

Within the Menards weekly ad flyer, you’ll see special mail-in rebate promotions for free products or discounts on merchandise.

You can usually find these special sale products located within the main aisles at Menards or otherwise marked by a large green or red signs.

How To Qualify for Menards Free Product Rebates

In order to qualify for the mail-in rebates on free products, you must purchase an additional $10 of separate non-rebated items.

However, you can qualify for as many free product rebates as you like with only $10 in non-rebated purchases, as you don’t have to make $10 in non-rebated purchases for each rebated free item.

You can also purchase up to a maximum number of items for each rebate. For instance, you may be able to receive a free mail-in rebate for up to 5 screwdrivers, and it still only requires $10 in non-rebated purchases.

Plus, you can get whatever other rebated items you may wish to purchase with only $10 in non-rebated purchases.

How To Redeem Your Menards Rebates

Upon checkout after you purchase all of your merchandise, your receipt will contain special rebate receipts that are attached to the bottom of your store receipt.

Each of these rebate receipts contains a rebate number, and you must pick up your coordinating rebate coupon certificate, which will be located near the exit at Menards.

If you forget to pick up your rebate coupons, you can also Print Your Menards Rebate Coupons and track your Menards rebates online.

You must complete the rebate coupon certificate with your name and address (you can use an address label to save time).

You must enclose the original dated Menards rebate receipt and completed coupon certificate in an envelope, which becomes the property of the Menards clearinghouse.

You must mail in your rebate coupons and rebate receipts to the specific address provided on the rebate coupon in order to receive your full rebate.

Mail-in submissions must be postmarked by a specific date, so make sure you meet the deadline.

Your rebate will come within 6 to 8 weeks in the form of a merchandise credit check that you can redeem for future purchases of any merchandise at Menards.

Menards Rebate Details

There is a limit of 1 rebate receipt and certificate paid per person and/or address for each rebate offer, so you can get multiple rebates at the same time, but they must be for separate product offers.

Offers are product specific, and substitutions are not honored.

One receipt showing a purchase over the rebate limit only qualifies for the limit stated on the rebate certificate and cannot be distributed to other people, which means if there’s a limit of 4 products for a rebate coupon and you buy 5 of that product, you can’t transfer your receipt with the extra product to someone else.

Items that are “Free after Rebate” (price – rebate = $0) require an additional $10 purchase of non-rebated items. If the items are not free after the rebate, then no additional purchase is necessary.

Menards Rebate Experiences

You’ll find a wide variety of merchandise available for free at Menards, and you can also get incredible discounts on products after the mail-in rebates.

Many of the free products are useful, including items like hand saws, boot trays, caulk, paint brushes, and much more, so it’s not just stuff you wouldn’t want.

I’ve personally received hundreds of dollars in Menards free item rebates and am somewhat of a free mail-in rebate junkie at Menards when I’ve got nothing else to do on the weekends and want to get out of the house.

The process is simple, it’s easy to obtain your rebate coupons, and Menards has always provided my rebate checks in a timely basis with no problems.

If you’ve tried Menards rebates before, please let us know your experiences.

Take advantage of Menards free mail-in rebates to get free and discounted merchandise when you shop at Menards home improvement stores.

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Shop at Menards today to get free product mail-in rebates and discounts on sale items at Menards.

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