Nasal Ease Class Action Settlement $15 Without Receipt

The Nasal Ease class action lawsuit settlement is offering $15 cash without a receipt or more with a receipt if you purchased Nasal Ease in the U.S. between April 1, 2010, and February 25, 2014.

Supposedly, Nasal Ease falsely advertised that it relieves allergy symptoms.

If you qualify, you can claim a full refund of your purchase with proof of purchase or up to $15 cash without a receipt.

You must Submit Your Claim by February 25, 2014, in order to receive your compensation.

Nasal Ease Class Action Settlement $15 Without Receipt

It’s important to note that you cannot simply submit this claim online, but you must instead complete the online claim form, print the form, and then mail it in to the Nasal Ease Settlement Claims Administrator, 16630 Aston, Irvine, CA, 92606.

The interesting thing is that since the settlement covers Nasal Ease purchases made through February 25, 2014, you can actually go out and purchase some Nasal Ease today, and then submit a claim for your full refund.

If you have your receipts, you can file your claim and be reimbursed for your qualifying purchases of Nasal Ease.

If you don’t have your receipts, you are eligible for a payment of $5 per purchase with a limit of $15 per household, so you basically have to claim 3 Nasal Ease purchases to get the full $15 refund.

Either way, this is easy to qualify for a cash reward, even if you don’t still have your receipts.

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