Places to Buy Cheap Books and Get Used Book Discounts

Check out these places to buy cheap books and get used books at discount prices.

You can avoid paying the full price for books at second-hand book stores, discount online book sellers, and used book stores.

Take advantage of book store coupon codes and community book exchange services to get the lowest prices on books or read free used books.

If you read new books on a regular basis, you can save a lot of money by not paying full price for brand-new books.

Review these options for saving money with cheap used books or new book discounts.

Places to Get Cheap Books

There are various options for saving on books from online resellers and book store discounts to book exchange services and cheap used books.


The Amazon Book Store offers an incredible selection of new and used books at the lowest prices, including bargain books, discounted Kindle eBooks, cheap used books, and a huge selection of books under $5.

You can find almost any book that you want for a low price at


eBay Books provide a large selection of new and used books at great prices, and you can often bid on book auctions for incredible savings. eBay offers a lot of unique books that you might not find other places, such as antique books and rare books., an eBay company, is also another great option to get discounts on used books, text books, audiobooks, movies, music, video games, and more, plus allows you to easily sell your books online, so that you can recycle some of the money that you spend on books.

Thrift Stores

If you’re not searching for any particular title, then you can save a lot of money by purchasing books at your local thrift stores. Thrift stores offer incredibly cheap used books, and you can often find popular hardcover books at the cheapest prices.

Half of the fun with searching for used books at thrift stores is the hunt, but you may not always be able to find best-selling books, so if you’re particularly picky about what you read, then this may not be the best option for you.

On the other hand, you can often find some pretty interesting treasures in thrift store book sections, so if you like a little adventure when you shop, then try buying used books at thrift stores to save a lot of money.


Your local library is the best place to read books for free, and libraries often have the latest book releases as well as classic titles.

You can usually search for books and reserve your books online, so if your library system has multiple branches, you’ll have access to their entire selection of reading and media materials from your home computer, and your books can then be picked up at your local library for your convenience.

If you don’t wish to own your books and you’re a relatively quick reader, then your local public library is an easy way to keep up with your reading for free.

Libraries often have used book sales on a periodic basis in order to thin out their book shelves, so you can check with your local library to see when they have their next book sale.

Some libraries will also throw away used books that they otherwise do not sell or can no longer use. They’ll often put these books outside or near their exits on a regular basis, so if you know their schedule, you can check to see if there are any free books being thrown away at your local library. However, used book stores frequently visit these library giveaways, so you’ll have to be quick and know when to look to get any free books.

For example: The Coral Gables Public Library in Coral Gables, Florida, leaves books on their back porch every Thursday to be thrown away. If you know of any other libraries that throw away books, please feel free to leave the specifics in the comments section below this article. allows you to trade and exchange books for free with other like-minded people, including hardbacks, audiobooks, textbooks, and more.

There are no fees or charges at this time to join

You simply list the books that you want to exchange with other club members, and when a member requests your book, you pay for the postage to mail your book to them.

In return, you can choose from around 5,000,000 books, and when you find a book, it will be mailed to you for free. makes it easy to exchange books with other readers for free.

National Book Store Coupons

You can sometimes find discounts on new books with national book store coupon codes.

Try the Barnes & Noble Bargain Books Section or similar discount book offers from

You can also search online for book store coupon codes from websites like and

One of the best options for getting book store promotions and cash rebates on book purchases is to sign up for a shopping network such as Ebates, which gives you access to the latest coupon codes and provides additional cash rebates for all of your online purchases.

Local Book Stores

Local books stores are often a great option for finding used books at low prices.

Many local book stores will also buy your used books back when you are done reading them, so they’re a great place to sell your old books or to trade in your used books for different titles.

Book Exchanges with Friends

Another great option for saving money on books is to exchange them with your friends and family.

Set up a book exchange club, and each month, you can all trade books with each other to keep your reading library fresh with new titles for free.

You can also set up a book exchange at your work, school, or with your local book club.

Take advantage of deals on used books and new book discounts with these places to save money on books.

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Find cheap used books and get new book discounts to save money while supplementing your reading materials.

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