Punchcard Shopping App Offers Personalized Rewards at Local Businesses

Punchcard is a shopping app for iPhone and Android phones that lets you earn personalized rewards when you shop at local businesses.

Punchcard allows you to earn free merchandise or cash back after you obtain 10 punches for your purchases at the same merchant.

You can use Punchcard at participating merchants including Target, SUBWAY, Starbucks, Pinkberry, Ralphs, Trader Joe’s, McDonald’s, Costco, CVS/pharmacy, 7-Eleven, Chili’s, Vons, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Fresco Community Market, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, and almost anywhere else.

Plus, Punchcard is free to download and use to earn your special rewards.

How Punchcard Works

1. You must first download the Punchcard mobile app for your iPhone or Android phone.

2. Then just shop at any local business and complete your transaction.

3. Take a photo of your receipt with the Punchcard app and start a punch card for that businesses.

4. Complete 10 punches for that business to earn either cash back or a free reward.

Earning Punchcard Rewards

Punchcard rewards are provided in the form of free stuff or cash back.

If a business is offering an in-store freebie, you can use the Punchcard app to redeem your reward in the store.

For cash back rewards, the value of the punch card is determined by your average purchase order at that location across 10 punches.

Once you complete a punch card, you will receive a reward in your inbox, which can be redeemed for a check from Punchcard within 4 to 6 weeks.

Punchcard “Punch Your Friends” Referral Program

You can earn rewards for referring your friends to your favorite businesses with Punchcard.

Just refer a friend, and you’ll earn a free punch at that business.

Plus, your friends will get a free punch on each new card when you refer them to a businesses.

You can punch as many friends as you like, and everybody wins with free punches from the Punchcard referral program, unlike a physical brawl.

Please feel free to exchange contact information in the comments section below this article in order to share Punchcard referrals with other readers.

Punchcard is a great way to earn Free Bonus Rewards for shopping at local businesses.

Take advantage of the Punchcard mobile app when you shop at your favorite stores.

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