ShopLately Deal Site $5 Sign-Up Bonus and Referral Reward via Facebook for Limited Time

The ShopLately shopping deal site is offering a $5 sign-up bonus for new members and a $5 referral reward for current members using Facebook only for a limited time.

You will receive a $5 credit when you sign up for a free ShopLately account with Facebook.

Plus, current members can earn a $5 credit for each person that you refer using your Facebook account.

This limited-time promotion is only available if you have a Facebook account.

How To Get $5 ShopLately Facebook Sign-Up Bonus

If you want to receive the $5 credit for signing up with your Facebook account, you can friend me at My Facebook Account, and then just send me a message via Facebook or leave a comment below this article indicating that you would like me to send you a ShopLately invitation.

I’ll then log in to ShopLately and send a Facebook invite using their system, so that you can properly qualify for the $5 credit, and I’ll receive a $5 credit as well.

$5 ShopLately Facebook Credit Details

You will earn $5 for each friend that signs up to ShopLately using their Facebook account, plus your friends will receive a $5 credit when they join.

If your friends do not sign up using Facebook, you will not be eligible to receive the $5.

You are eligible to receive a $5 credit for up to 10 friends that sign up to ShopLately with their Facebook account.

They indicate that you must use an authentic Facebook account, and that they may not credit the $5 if they suspect that a fake Facebook account was used.

$15 Extra Referral Credit for Current Members

Current members will also receive an extra $15 credit each time your referrals from Facebook make their first purchase on ShopLately of $15 or more.

This $15 ShopLately Referral Bonus is available on a regular basis, but the $5 bonus for both members is only a limited-time offer.

Sign up for ShopLately via Facebook to get a $5 new account credit toward your first purchase, plus participate in the referral program to earn additional bonus credits.

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