Lyft On-Demand Ride Sharing Service $20 Referral Credits for Both Parties

The Lyft on-demand ride sharing service offers a $20 bonus credit to both parties when a current Lyft user refers a new Lyft user to take their first ride for free.

Current Lyft users can earn 1 free ride for up to $20 when you refer new passengers to take their first free ride on Lyft.

New Lyft users will get your first ride for free for up to $20 when you join Lyft via a current user’s referral link or referral code.

The referred member must be a new Lyft user who has never downloaded the Lyft app prior to being referred.

Exchange Lyft Referral Credits

If you are a current Lyft user, please feel free to post your referral links and referral codes in the comments section below this article, so that other readers who are new Lyft users can use your referrals to get a free first ride.

$20 Credit for New Lyft Users

To get the $20 credit as a new Lyft user, you must sign up for your Lyft account using a current Lyft user’s referral link or referral code.

You will receive your first Lyft ride for free for up to a total of $20.

You must be a new Lyft user who has never downloaded the Lyft app.

You should see the free $20 ride show up under the Payment tab automatically in the Lyft app.

If the $20 credit doesn’t appear in the Lyft app, you can simply enter your referrer’s unique referral code into the Payment tab before requesting your first Lyft ride.

Lyft Give A Ride, Get A Ride Referral Program

Current Lyft users can get a $20 credit for each new user that you refer who tries their first free ride with Lyft.

Plus, the new Lyft users that you refer will also get a $20 credit toward their first free ride, so everybody wins.

Upon the referred new Lyft user completing their first free ride, you will be credited with $20 toward 1 free ride.

You can earn a total of 50 $20 referral credits for referring new Lyft users.

You will receive your referral link or referral code to invite your friends via email and on your Lyft ride receipts.

You can also use the Lyft app to refer people to Lyft under the Invite Friends tab.

Check out the Lyft Referral Program for additional information as well as the Lyft Invite Terms for the full details of this program.

Using Your $20 Credits on Lyft

The Lyft credits are good for 1 free ride for up to $20, and the credits will not carry over from ride to ride.

So if you take a $20 ride, it will be free, but if you take a $30 ride, you will have to pay $10, even if you have multiple credits available.

You can enter your code directly into the Lyft app by pressing the Settings button in the app (3 horizontal lines in the corner of the screen) and then hitting Payment.

You’ll see a field underneath your credit card information where you can enter your redemption code.

Lyft credits are automatically applied before the card on file is charged.

You’ll be able to see if you have rides available under the Payment tab.

You may also be interested in the Uber Referral Program and the Sidecar Referral Program for more free ride credits with car sharing services.

Participate in the Lyft referral program to get free rides.


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