Save $180 Per Year at Any Gas Station With a Free Chase PerfectCard

If you spend an average of $250 on gas a month, the free Chase PerfectCard™ MasterCard® can save you over $100 in gasoline your first year.

If you spend more than that on gas, you could save as much as $180 per year, just by applying for the Chase PerfectCard MasterCard and using it for all your gasoline purchases. The best part is that you can BUY GAS AT ANY GAS STATION.

Here’s how it works. The PerfectCard offers a 6% rebate on gas the first 90 days and 3% thereafter.

So, if you’re spending an average of $250 per month, I’ll do the math.

First 90 days at 6%, spending $250 per month, you’ll earn $15 per month.

For the next 9 months at 3%, spending $250 per month, you’ll earn $7.50 per month.

So, $45 for the first 3 months and $67.50 for the next 9 months equals $112.50 in gas savings your first year, which is 3.75% of your gas budget of $3,000 per year.

You’ll also continue to save $90 per year, and if you have a larger gas budget, you can save even more. The trick is you can only earn up to $15 per month in gas purchases, so you are limited overall to $180 per year.

That means that the most you can earn gas rebates on is $500 per month in gas purchases at the rebate of 3%, but if you spend an average of $400 a month, you would earn $180 your first year with the “6% for 90 days” bonus rebate included.

Spending vs. Savings Comparisons:

$50/month = $22.50/1st year, $18 thereafter.
$100/month = $45/1st year, $36 thereafter.
$150/month = $67.50/1st year, $54 thereafter.
$200/month = $90/1st year, $72 thereafter.
$250/month = $112.50/1st year, $90 thereafter.
$300/month = $135/1st year, $108 thereafter.
$350/month = $157.50/1st year, $126 thereafter.
$400/month = $180/1st year, $144 thereafter.
$450/month = $180/1st year, $162 thereafter.
$500/month = $180/1st year, $180 thereafter.

The Chase PerfectCard has a 0% introductory rate and a decent APR, but most importantly, it has NO ANNUAL FEE, so as long as you pay your bill in full on time every month, you can get up to an extra $180 a year for free.

You also get an extra 1% cash back on all your other purchases, and that rebate is unlimited, so the cash back in that sense is unlimited as well, but I recommend just using this for buying gas, as you can save more on different types of purchases with other credit cards.

As mentioned, what makes the Chase PerfectCard MasterCard better than most gas station rebate cards is that this card works at any gas station you go to, so whether you’re traveling, moving, or you share your card with a friend or family member, you’re still going to get the same rebate.

By the way, that’s another way to take advantage of the maximum rebate. Share the rebate with a friend when you apply for a free additional card.

Thanks and enjoy. Maximize your gas money.


  1. James Delman says

    trying to get a wawa rewards credit card and I am having trouble trying to find the page to fill out to apply for it could anyone help and tell me where to go for this card thank you James

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