Rewards Credit Card $70 Instant Cash Bonus Offer

The Rewards Credit Card offers an instant $70 cash bonus credit when you’re approved for the card, plus there is no annual fee.

Just open a free Rewards Card account to receive an instant $70 gift card credit to your Amazon account.

A $70 Gift Card will instantly be loaded into your Account upon the approval of your credit card application.

You can then use your gift card and get $70 off your purchase today.

This $70 bonus offer could be targeted to select customers, so you may see a different bonus amount.

How the Amazon Credit Card Bonus Works

It’s important to note that this Amazon Credit Card Bonus will be instantly applied to your Account Gift Card balance when your credit card application is approved.

The Amazon Credit Card Bonus will not be applied as a statement credit to your Amazon Credit Card Account.

This means that you must apply your gift card balance to your purchase in order to use the bonus cash that you earn.

So if you complete the application and are approved for the card, make sure that you apply the bonus gift card balance to your purchase, before paying for any remaining balance (if any) with your new Amazon Credit Card.

Earning and Redeeming Amazon Rewards Card Points

You’ll also earn rewards points on all of your purchases after opening your rewards card.

You’ll get 3 points per $1 spent at; 2 points per $1 spent at gas stations, restaurants, and drugstores; and 1 point per $1 spent everywhere else.

You can use your points to pay for all or part of your order at checkout with Shop with Points, and there’s no minimum.

Every 100 points is equal to $1 toward your purchase.

You can also redeem your points for cash back, gift cards, travel, and more.

You’ll earn points on all of your purchases with the Rewards Visa Credit Card.

However, the best feature of the Amazon credit card is the $70 instant gift card bonus that can be used toward an immediate purchase on

The Rewards Credit Card has no annual fee.

You can receive instant approval when you apply for your card at

Qualified applicants will receive instant approval when they apply online at, plus the credit card can be used to make an immediate purchase at

That means that you can get instantly approved and immediately earn your $70 cash bonus, plus you can then make your purchase at with the rewards card.

Check out more details and open your free Rewards Credit Card account to earn a $70 cash bonus.

You may also be interested in these additional Credit Card Bonus Offers for more cash bonuses when you open credit card accounts.

Take advantage of the Rewards Visa Card to earn a $70 cash bonus and rewards points on all purchases after opening your credit card account.


  1. Victor Clay says

    Account Number 4640 1820 8300 3234

    I have a $40 credit due me. How can I get it? What is this some sort of a game–get a credit card and get a $40 credit. I did. Now can I get my money back after I had to pay full price on the books, and no $40 credit was mentioned?

  2. Mary L Jones says

    I signed up for the Amazon Card was approved but never received the $40 bonus. I was charged the full amount on my purchases. When I called Amazon I was told the card I received didn’t qualify for the bonus and there was nothing they could do, so I cancelled the card.

  3. Winson says

    I signed up for this card and charged $36.00. week later i got the card in mail amd next few days i fot the statement that I have to pay 36.00
    I called customer service and they tarnsferd me here and there finally some one assisted me and said there were no $ 40 bonus. they can give only up to $30.00.
    Any way i took it instead of fighting and spending time over the phone….BUT still I need to pay the statement in full, then the will credit you. What kind of business is this ?

  4. says

    Hello Winson,

    The Amazon rewards card bonus has been altering between $30 and $40 a lot recently, as they keep adjusting the bonus amount.

    It’s possible that you could have signed up during the $40 bonus offer, but then when you contacted customer service, the $30 offer was in effect, so that’s why they may have only offered you $30, although that wouldn’t be fair either way.

    It’s important to note that the bonus is instantly applied to your Account as a Gift Card Credit, and it is not applied to your credit card as a statement credit.

    So when making your first purchase, you have to apply the gift card credit to your purchase balance, and then you can pay for the remaining amount (if any) with your new credit card account.

    It seems like Amazon has been making slight adjustments to this offer lately, so I can’t say for sure which promotional terms applied to your specific offer.

    However, I hope this provides some help for you.

    Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate that. Max

    • Jack says

      I was offered the $60 bonus. Signed up, got a message saying it would take some time to check my credit, and then it changed to $40 immediately!

      And I was then led to a site to put all my details again!

      I don’t want to keep applying for credit cards. It affects my credit score.

  5. says

    Hello Mildred,

    Yes, you should be able to use the Amazon gift card bonus and apply it toward another gift card purchase on

    Amazon gift card credits that are applied to your account balance do not expire, so you can use them at any time.

    Hope this helps. Max

  6. Ann says

    so I was going to make a couple hundred dollars purchase … the comp said they could not process my application immedialey and would send me a letter in the mail in 30 days (I am 750plus credit score) … so wait 30 days plus to make the purchase to save the 40 dollars … this little folly with Chase Amazon card soured me big on amazon plus they wanted my mother maiden besides my ss# … I am cancelling the card chase ! and bump you amazon …

  7. says

    Hello Carol,

    The bonus is currently $50, but it has been $40 in the past, and it updates often, so please check the promo page for the latest bonus amount.

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card will instantly be loaded into your Amazon Account upon the approval of your credit card application.

    It should be credited to you before you make any purchases.

    Hope this helps and good luck. Max

  8. Derek says

    Would it be a dumb move to get the card just for the $50 gift card then never use the credit card? What’s the catch, if there is one?

  9. says

    Hello Derek,

    There’s no real catch with this card offer.

    You get the bonus reward upon card approval, so you don’t have to spend any money on the card to get the bonus.

    There is also no annual fee for the card, so you don’t have to worry about an annual fee down the line, and you can always just cancel the card if you want to.

    This is an all-around pretty easy credit card bonus to get.

    You will take a small temporary hit to your credit score when you apply for the card and they run a credit check, like you would with any credit card application.

    However, if you are just looking to get a credit card bonus and not really use the card in the future, then you are probably better off applying for a card that offers a higher bonus amount, as you can get up to around $500 in bonus cash with some of the current offers that are available.

    The Amazon card bonus is good for people who intend to use the Amazon card for future purchases to maximize the card’s rewards program, especially if you shop on on a regular basis.

    Plus, Amazon card members often get exclusive access to special shopping deals on

    However, if you are just looking to get a cash bonus for applying for a new credit card account, then you probably would do better to apply for a higher cash bonus offer.

    Hope this helps and good luck to you.


  10. wyt168 says

    I was just at trying to sign up for Amazon reward card and get the $50 sign-up bonus. But it is only $30 now?!

  11. says

    Hello wyt168,

    The Amazon credit card bonus amount does change on a frequent basis.

    I’ve seen it go back and forth between $30 and $40 over several weeks, and then it was up to $50 for a while.

    I do see that the offer being displayed on the Amazon home page is for $30 right now.

    However, just today (5/11/2012) when I made a purchase on, I was offered the $50 Amazon credit card bonus after adding an item to my shopping cart.

    So even though the $30 offer is being displayed on the home page, they are offering the $50 bonus when you add an item to your cart and go through the checkout process.

    So if you see the $30 offer, try adding an item that costs over $50 to your shopping cart, and you may be offered the $50 card bonus instead.

    It’s possible that Amazon displays different bonuses for different users, or that they’re randomized or based off of other shopping factors as well.

    I’m not positive, but as of today, I was still seeing the $50 offer being promoted, so you may be able to access it as well.

    Good luck and thanks for commenting.


  12. says

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