American Express 50,000 Bonus Points for Premier Rewards Gold Card

American Express is offering 50,000 bonus points for the Premier Rewards Gold Card via CARDMATCH from, last confirmed on January 5, 2015.

Just Complete the CARDMATCH Form to access this offer for 50,000 Membership Rewards bonus points after $1,000 in spending within the first 3 months, plus the annual fee is waived for the first year, and then is $175 thereafter.

How To Get 50,000 Bonus Points for Premier Rewards Gold Card

1. Visit the CARDMATCH Form to get started.

2. Complete the CARDMATCH Form in its entirety (it does NOT require a hard credit pull, so your credit score will NOT be affected).

3. Click on the Next button to see your matched credit card offers appear.

Depending on your qualifications and other factors, you may see the 50,000 bonus point offer for the Premier Rewards Gold Card as well as other promotions for American Express cards.

It’s important to note that the offers you receive access to will be based on your profile, so you may not receive access to this particular offer, buy you may receive access to other promotional offers instead.

The credit card offers that are available through CARDMATCH may change periodically throughout the year, so make sure that you check them often to get access to these promotions when they are available.

I personally applied for this Premier Rewards Gold Card Bonus to get 50,000 Membership Rewards points instead of the standard offer, which is currently for 25,000 bonus points directly from the American Express website.

Check your profile on CARDMATCH today to see which credit card offers are available to you.


  1. bluecat says

    Is this info accurate? I don’t think so, as I am a prime candidate for this card (as is my wife) and I’m not seeing the offer.

    • says

      Hello bluecat,

      This info is accurate to the best of my knowledge, and it has also been confirmed by several readers.

      Sorry that you are not seeing the offer. Max

  2. joe says

    couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Am Express Premier Gold Card offer of 50,000 bonus points for spending only $1000.00 I’ve been playing the card swap game for bonus points for 4 years now and this is the best offer I’ve ever seen. Applied for, and got one each for me and my wife and then got one each for my parents and best friend and his wife. Keep up the good work Max!


  3. Jeff says

    Nothing even close to that deal came up for me despite a great credit score. I get 40k offers in the mail weekly, but nothing over 20k here.

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