Discover Card Members Can Receive FreeMonee Gift Network Bonuses Via Email

Discover has teamed up with the FreeMonee Gift Network to offer Discover card members free bonus gifts for shopping at participating merchants.

Discover card members who sign up to receive Discover marketing emails have the opportunity to receive free gifts via the FreeMonee Gift Network.

The FreeMonee Gift Network offers Discover members access to special savings on coffee, computers, flowers, and much more from a variety of popular merchants.

How Does FreeMonee Gift Network Work

1. The FreeMonee Gift Network will send you a gift through email.

2. You then shop at the select store with your Discover Card according to the terms of the gift.

3. Discover will automatically credit your card account with your gift within 14 days of your purchase.

There are no coupons or codes needed, as you just need to receive the email offer and use your Discover card before the gift expires at the featured store.

How To Receive FreeMonee Gifts

There is no way to guarantee that you will receive gift emails or to directly sign up for this program.

However, in order to have a chance to receive the free gifts, you must sign up to receive marketing emails from Discover.

Just visit the Discover FreeMonee Gift Network for more details and to sign up to receive emails if you don’t already.

Sign up for a chance to receive free cash bonus gifts for Discover card members.

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Participate in the FreeMonee Gift Network with your Discover credit card.

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