Discover CardBuilder Tool Offers up to $200 Cashback Bonus Promotion

The Discover CardBuilder tool is offering up to a $200 Cashback Bonus after qualifying purchases when you choose select features to build your credit card offer.

Discover CardBuilder allows you to select the card features that you want and see your pre-approved offers.

In order to get the $200 bonus offer, you’ll need to select certain features for your card.

How To Get $200 Discover CardBuilder Bonus

1. Visit the Discover CardBuilder Page and click the Get Started button.

2. On the next page, you must select “I have excellent credit” in order to receive access to the full $200 bonus. If you choose “I have average credit,” the highest bonus that you can receive is $150. Therefore, if you don’t have excellent credit, you may not qualify for this $200 card bonus.

3. You should also select “I plan to always pay off my balance each month.”

4. You can then select “See all available offers” if you don’t want to share further info at this time, or you can choose “See my pre-approved offers” if you would like to confirm that you will qualify for the card.

5. Click the Build My Card button to continue.

6. On the next page, select Cashback Bonus and choose a card design.

7. Finally, you can adjust the Welcome Bonus bar to the highest position, at which time the $200 bonus should display.

The exact offer is a $200 bonus for spending $1,500 in your first 3 months.

This offer may not be available to you if you are already a Discover card member or you don’t otherwise meet the qualifications.

Learn more about finding your Discover Pre-Approved Offers and other Discover card promotions.

Get up to a $200 bonus through the Discover CardBuilder tool today.


  1. mohan says

    I think it is important to note, that getting a $200 bonus over, $1500 spent in 3 months, is approximately a 13% return, as opposed to $150 for spending $1000 in 3 months, which is a 15% return (the same is for $75 for $500)

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