Discover Refer-A-Friend Program $100 Bonuses for Both Parties with Discover Credit Cards

The Discover Refer-A-Friend program offers $100 bonuses for both parties when current Discover card members refer a new Discover credit card applicant.

Update: Because of the Double First Year Cash Back promotion, new card applicants who receive the $50 referral bonus will have it doubled to a $100 bonus after the first 12 consecutive billing periods that your new account is open. Current card members who are within your first 12 billing periods of card membership will also have your $50 referral bonuses doubled to $100 at the end of your first 12 billing periods.

If you have a Discover consumer card, you can get a $50 cash bonus for each friend that becomes a card member for up to 10 referrals per calendar year.

Plus, new Discover card applicants can get a $50 bonus when you sign up through a current Discover card member’s referral and make 1 purchase within 3 months (doubled to $100 after your first 12 billing periods).

Discover it Card $100 New Member Bonus

You can sign up through this Discover it Card Referral Link that was provided by a reader to earn a $50 bonus with your new account.

You’ll get the $50 Cashback Bonus after you make your first purchase within 3 months of being approved.

The bonus will be applied to your account within 8 weeks.

The $50 bonus will then be doubled to a $100 bonus (extra $50 added) after your first 12 billing periods.

Discover it for Students $50 New Member Bonus

Please note that the Discover Student Card referral link is currently not available.

You can apply through this Discover it for Students Referral Link that was provided by a reader to get a $50 bonus after your first purchase within 3 months.

This is a great deal if you are interested in the Discover it for Students card, as the highest bonus that you can earn otherwise is only for $20, and the referral program more than doubles that incentive.

Discover Refer-A-Friend Program Details

Check out the Discover Credit Card Referral Program and log in to your account to share with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, and your unique referral link that you can post online.

Discover will notify you by email each time that you earn extra rewards.

Discover Business card and Essential by Discover card members are not eligible to participate.

Discover card members who earn miles will earn 5,000 miles per friend instead of the $50 bonus.

To receive the $50 cash back bonus or 5,000 miles referral reward, your referral must apply for the specific offer you send and be approved.

You will receive a $50 cash bonus or 5,000 miles for each approved friend for a total of up to 10 new card members per calendar year.

You will receive a reward if your referral applies for the specific offer you send via the link provided and is approved by December 31, 2015.

This offer is not available for referrals that are existing Discover card members.

This offer is available online only.

For email offers, your referral may not receive an email offer if they have previously opted out of receiving email marketing communications from Discover or are an existing card member.

Referred applicants who becomes a new card member will also receive a $50 cash bonus once you make a purchase within your first 3 months of account opening.

You must allow up to 5 weeks for the cash back bonus or bonus miles to post to your account after each referral is approved for the Discover credit card.

More Discover Card Promotions

New applicants can get these Discover Credit Card Offers when you apply for a new Discover card.

Take advantage of the Discover credit card referral program to earn $50 bonuses for both parties.

If you have a Discover card, please feel free to exchange referral information in the comments section below this article.


  1. Bing says

    Hi everyone, if you need a refer, just tell me your email address, i will give you a link in no time, or , you can just use the link below!!


  2. says

    Hello Bing,

    Thank you very much for providing your link to the Discover student card $50 referral bonus offer.

    I didn’t realize that the referral program was available for both the consumer card and the student card.

    We’ve added your student referral link to our above article, so that readers can access the $50 bonus for either the consumer or student card.

    Thanks again, really appreciate you helping out. Max

  3. Bob says

    They are actually offering $100 cash back when you spend $500 within three months of opening the card. You do need to use a specific referral link and can find a bunch here:

  4. says

    Hello Bob,

    Thanks for mentioning that offer.

    I reviewed the links at the site you listed, and I did not see any mention of a $100 bonus, just the $50 bonus (you can click on one of their links and then review the terms page all the way at the bottom where you’ll see the $50 bonus listed and not $100).

    If you have a direct link to the $100 offer, you may feel free to list it here.

    Here is the direct link to the $100 bonus offer that I have:

    You can see the $100 offer displayed at that promo page.

    Appreciate your comment and good luck to you. Max

  5. Harvey Dupree says

    Received a folder stating refer a friend and both will receive 50.00
    Have spen 30 minutes on chat and got no where, was told I didn t quaify, then I had to reg. i did all of this and was switched right back to the start

  6. Robert Rampton says

    My name is Bobby. My email is Send me an email and I will send you a referral link. I will also give you $25 of the $50 bonus that i receive. Just send me the email associated with you amazon payments account or paypal account that you want me to send the $25. Thanks

    • says

      Thanks Jeffrey,

      I appreciate you posting this link, and I have included it in the above article under the Discover it card headline.

      This referral link is for the Discover it card, which we didn’t have posted otherwise.

  7. Mohit says

    Hello people,

    want a discover card referral link worth $50 from discover, once you are approved.
    Send me an email to and I will send you my referral link plus a free gift if you are approved!


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