Expedia Credit Card Bonus up to $100 Off First Purchase at Expedia.com

The Expedia credit card bonus offers up to $100 off your first purchase at Expedia.com when you apply for an Expedia.com MasterCard.

Just apply for an Expedia Credit Card (View Cards under the Rewards Tab), and you’ll get up to $100 off your first purchase with the card at Expedia.com.

There are 2 Expedia credit cards available to earn this bonus card offer.

The Expedia No Fee Card offers $50 off your first purchase with the card at Expedia.com, plus you’ll earn additional points on all of your purchases.

The Expedia Elite Level Card offers $100 off your first Expedia.com purchase with the card as well as complimentary companion airline tickets, but it does have a $75 annual fee.

The $50 or $100 Expedia credit card bonus will appear as a statement credit after your first eligible Expedia.com purchase with the card.

Car reservations that are not booked as part of a vacation package (via the “vacation package” tab on the Expedia.com website), cruise bookings, and hotel reservations for non-“Expedia Special Rate hotels” do not qualify.

For more information and to apply for the Expedia Cards, visit the Expedia.com website homepage, and you can also find more details on these credit cards listed under the Rewards tab.

Take advantage of the Expedia.com MasterCard travel rewards cards to get up to $100 off your next purchase at Expedia.com.

Expedia offers cheap vacation travel and savings on car rentals, hotels, airline tickets, and travel activities to help you find the lowest prices available for your next vacation.

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Save up to $100 off your next purchase at Expedia.com when you apply for an Expedia credit card bonus offer.


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