Find Discover Credit Card Pre-Approved Offers for Your Qualifications

Discover allows you to search Discover credit card offers for which you are pre-approved.

Just enter your full name and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number to check your Discover card pre-approved offers.

This will not impact your credit score in any way, and it is not a credit card application.

You are simply checking which Pre-Approved Discover Cards you may be qualified to receive.

You can also respond to mail offers through the above link, if you’ve received a special offer in the mail.

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive access to any special bonuses or benefits when I checked my pre-approved Discover card offers, but you may be lucky enough to receive an exclusive deal.

It’s still a good service if you are thinking about applying for a Discover Card, and you just want to see which offers are available for your needs.

Discover Card Bonuses

If you want to earn a cash reward when you apply for a Discover card, then you may consider one of these options:

1. The Amazon Credit Card Incentive Program is offering a $75 Gift Card when you apply for a Discover card and meet the qualifications.

2. The Discover Referral Program is offering a $50 cash back bonus when you open a new account and meet the qualifications, plus additional bonuses when you refer your friends.

You can also check out the Quarterly Discover Card Cash Rebates to receive a 5% cash back bonus on select rotating purchase categories when you enroll.

Check out your pre-approved Discover card offers if you are worried about being able to qualify for certain cards.

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