NFL Extra Points Card up to $200 Special Bonus Credit Offer for NFL Fans

The NFL Extra Points credit card is currently offering multiple promotions for up to $200 in bonus statement credits.

You can earn up to 20,000 bonus points with these special promotions.

Plus, you will earn 2 points per $1 spent on NFL or team purchases in-stadium and at the Pro Shop and 1 point per $1 on all other purchases.

The NFL Extra Points card has no annual fee.

In addition, this card is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware, so it’s a great opportunity to apply for a card from an alternative issuer, if you’ve already got cards from the major card issuers like American Express and Chase.

Check out these NFL credit card bonus offers to get the deal that best suites your spending needs.

$200 NFL Extra Points Card Bonus

Check out this $200 NFL Extra Points Card Bonus to get 20,000 bonus points after your first purchase, which is redeemable for $200 off your card purchases as a statement credit.

$100 NFL Extra Points Card Bonus Plus 0% APR Intro Rate

You can also get a $100 statement credit when you apply for the NFL Extra Points Credit Card and make $500 in purchases.

You’ll get 10,000 points after $500 in purchases, which is redeemable for a $100 cash back statement credit.

The NFL Extra Points Credit Card has no annual fee.

NFL Extra Points Card Bonus Details

These bonus points will be posted within approximately 30 days after the qualifying transaction.

Use of balance transfer checks or convenience checks will not qualify for any bonus points.

This offer is intended for persons who are not, and have not previously been, NFL Extra Points credit card members with BarclayCard.

You are no longer eligible to receive bonuses and/or awards for any new NFL Extra Points credit card accounts that you open after your first account with BarclayCard is opened.

You may redeem points for a variety of rewards including VIP NFL experiences, game tickets, or cash back statement credits on travel or any other purchase of $25 or more.

Get a special cash bonus with the NFL Extra Points credit card that you can personalize with your favorite team.

Review our Credit Card Bonus Directory for more credit cards with cash bonuses.

Sign up for your NFL Extra Points card during this limited-time special offer to earn a cash reward.


  1. says

    I just applied for the $400 bonus offer and received approval instantly with an $8,000 line of credit.

    The online applications is very short and easy, plus they allow you to review and print the terms and conditions before finalizing the application, so you can confirm that the 40,000 bonus points offer is listed in the terms before applying.

    This is an especially good offer, because it is from BarclayCard, so if you have too many AMEX, Chase, Citi, and Discover cards already, you will still likely qualify for this card.

    Plus, a $400 bonus for only $1,000 in spending is one of the best deals I’ve seen in a while.

    It’s really good considering the $400 bonus is issued as a statement credit, so you don’t even have to worry about redeeming for gift cards or anything like that.

    Great deal, I’m glad I was approved, and can’t wait to spend $400 in free cash.

    Good luck with this one everybody, Max

  2. says

    Unfortunately, the $400 bonus is no longer available at this time, so you can now earn up to $200 through the above promotions.

    Still, both the $200 and $100 bonus offers are available after your first use, so there is no minimum spending requirement, which is pretty nice.

    I received my NFL card in the mail without a problem, and the terms did correctly indicate the 40,000 Extra Points bonus offer for which I had applied, so everything is correct, and I just need to make my purchases now to qualify.

    I’m just mad at myself, because I realized that in my hurry to apply for this awesome bonus opportunity, I didn’t even get myself the Green Bay Packers card logo, and now I just have the regular NFL style card design.

    Whatever, it’s not like I plan on flashing my card around in Wisconsin, but it would have been nice to have. I’m sure you can probably reorder new card designs for your account somehow, but we’ll see.

    Please feel free to share any alternative offers or experiences you may have.

  3. Elaine McDonough says

    Recd card in mail “Earn up to 2500 bonus points on purchases from Oct 1 thru Dec 31, 1914″ Also I must activate this offer by October 20, 2014. Told me VISIT and enter a promo code they gave me. Cannot find on line. Its regarding travel, gas purchases, dept, toy, game stores, airline,hotel/motel car rental and cruise purchases. Please advise where I can find this site.

    • says

      Hello Elaine,

      It sounds like a targeted offer that you received, which should have provided the Promo Code within the email notification.

      I checked the URL that you posted in your comment, and it goes to a working page for the promotion, so if you received a Promo Code in your email, then enter it on the page, and you should be able to register for the offer.

      Good luck, Max

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