Dealflicks Discount Movie Tickets and Concessions with $5 Referral Rewards

Dealflicks offers up to 60% off movie tickets and concessions at participating movie theaters across the U.S.

Plus, you can receive $5 in Dealbucks for each unsigned theater that you favorite and for every friend that you refer who makes a purchase.

Just sign up for a free Dealflicks account to save up to 60% off movie tickets and concessions.

You simply search for your local theater to find out what discounts are available for which movies.

$5 Dealflicks Coupon for Unsigned Theaters

You can receive $5 in Dealbucks to use toward your first ticket for each unsigned theater that you favorite on Dealflicks.

You’ll get a $5 coupon when you favorite a theater that hasn’t signed up with Dealflicks.

You can favorite up to 5 theaters, and they’ll send you a $5 coupon once your favorited theater goes live.

For instance, if your local theater is not currently participating in the Dealflicks program, you can favorite that theater, and you’ll then receive $5 in Dealbucks that is good toward your first movie ticket at that theater once they join Dealflicks.

$5 Dealbucks via Dealflicks Referral Program

You can earn $5 in Dealbucks for each new friend that you refer to Dealflicks who makes a purchase using a verified credit card.

The Dealbucks will be automatically added to your account upon approval of your referral’s first transaction.

In order to participate in the referral program and earn Dealbucks for referring your friends, you must make at least 1 purchase on Dealflicks with a verified credit card, and then you will gain access to your unique referral link.

How To Use Your Dealbucks

Dealbucks are a form of credit that can be used to purchase movie tickets and concessions on Dealflicks.

Dealbucks work just like cash and are automatically applied during the checkout process.

You need an account with Dealflicks to use your Dealbucks, which can only be used on Dealflicks and have no cash value.

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Try out Dealflicks to save up to 60% off movie tickets and concessions, plus get an extra $5 Dealbucks discount when you favorite unsigned theaters and refer your friends.

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