Test Drive a 2014 Cadillac to Receive a $100 Prepaid Card – Offer Extended

Test drive a 2014 Cadillac at your local dealer to get a $100 Cadillac Visa Prepaid Card through April 30, 2014.

You must own a 2004 or newer non-GM vehicle in order to participate, as this offer is for non-GM owners and lessees only.

Just visit this Cadillac Test Drive Promotion and complete the form to get started.

Cadillac Test Drive Promotion Visa Prepaid Card

This offer is only available at participating dealers.

This offer is not eligible for GM employees, GM retirees, GM dealership employees, and GM suppliers.

You must be 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

The test drive will last approximately 30 minutes.

The $100 Cadillac Visa Prepaid Card is valid for up to 6 months, so you must use it on purchases by then.

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    • says

      Hello Mary,

      You do have to provide an address to complete the form and be contacted in regards to a test drive.

      However, I don’t think you necessarily need to complete the form to qualify for the $100 bonus offer.

      I think the best way to go about it would be to contact your local dealer, which you can find on the form, and inquire as to whether they are participating in the $100 bonus promotion, and if they are, then just ask them what is required to get the $100 bonus.

      Not all dealerships are participating, so you may have to call a few local dealers to find one that is participating.

      Hope this helps and good luck. Max

    • says

      Hello Anurag,

      You can use the prepaid card at any merchants that accept Visa debit cards.

      The card value expires after 6 months, so you’ll have to use it before then.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for the comment. Max

  1. Mary says

    Does one need to complete anything online, or can one just show up at the dealership do the test drive and get the $100?

    • says

      Hello Mary,

      I don’t think you need to actually complete the test-drive form in order to get the $100 bonus.

      However, I would just call the dealership first to make sure they are participating and then ask them what you need to do.

      Thanks and good luck. Max

  2. Ben Wright says

    I took a test drive at Suburban Cadillac in Novi. I lease a Lincoln MKZ and qualified for
    the $100 offer. The dealership was not able to solve problem telling me that fulfillment
    was 8 weeks behind. After 2 months I have little faith that Cadillac will be sending
    the Visa card.

  3. william guernsey says

    We did not receive the $100 gift card for test driving a 2014 CTS (Cadillac. We received an acknowledgement e-mail on 04/23/2014 stating we would soon receive a $100 Cadillac Visa Prepaid card and never received.

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