Emergen-C Free Sample of New Flavor

Emergen-C is currently offering a free sample of their new Emergen-C mystery flavor for newsletter subscribers.

If you are not an Emergen-C newsletter subscriber, you can also get a free sample by simply visiting the Emergen-C website.

Emergen-C New Flavor Free Sample for Newsletter Subscribers

Newsletter subscribers can get a free sample of the new mystery flavor from Emergen-C.

Simply click on the Emergen-C Mystery Flavor Sample Page and complete the form if you are an Emergen-C newsletter subscriber.

You should have also received this latest promotion in your newsletter from Emergen-C.

If you are not a newsletter subscriber, visit Emergenc.com to sign up for their newsletters before requesting a free sample of their new mystery flavor.

Emergen-C Free Samples for Everybody

If you don’t want to subscribe to the newsletters, you can also click on the Free Samples link on Emergenc.com to request free Emergen-C samples (The Free Samples link is located in the upper right side of the Emergenc.com website).

You could probably request free samples on Emergenc.com, then sign up for the newsletters, and then request the new mystery flavor sample, so that you receive both samples, as the terms indicate that this should be allowed, although it wasn’t necessarily meant for new newsletter subscribers.

Take advantage of this offer to get a free Emergen-C sample today.

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Get your free sample of Emergen-C for health and energy boosting formulas today.

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