Get Free Samples of Emergen-C Cold Prevention Vitamin Supplements

Get free samples of Emergen-C cold prevention medicine, energy boosting formulas, and multi-vitamin supplements.

Emergen-C creates some of the best immune defense supplements on the market, which come in the form of a pill or powder that you drop in water to create a fizzy concoction.

The best thing about Emergen-C is that it really works.

Emergen-C is designed to prevent colds, so you drink Emergen-C when you first feel sick to reduce the symptoms or shorten the length of your illness.

However, it’s not cheap, so it may be feasible to keep around in case you are feeling sick, but to take Emergen-C products on a regular basis for supplemental purposes or energy boosting effects can be pretty expensive.

Get Free Samples of Emergen-C at, and you’ll at least have some cold defense waiting next time you feel ill.

Emergen-C will send you a selection of samples to try out for free, so make sure you get your free vitamin supplements today.

Visit the website, and in the upper right corner, you’ll see the FREE Samples button in the shape of a circle.

Click on the FREE Samples button and fill out the form to request free samples of Emergen-C.

You can either send free samples to a friend or request them for yourself, plus you can sign up for their email list to receive future offers for free Emergen-C samples and other promotional offers.

Request Free Samples of Emergen-C now to get some extra protection ready for next time you feel sick.

You’ll be glad you have some Emergen-C around when you need it.


  1. says

    Hello Mikrowne B,

    The website is a little slow to load due to the graphics, but once it loads, you’ll see the Free Samples button/link on the left site of the website.

    Just click that link, and then fill in your information to request a free Emergen-C sample.

    Hope this helps.

  2. says

    It looks like Emergen-c may have stopped providing the free samples from their website at this time.

    For some reason, the home page is not working properly either, although you can still access their website at this link:

    If you click on Back To Home on the top of their website, you can see the home page is not displaying properly, so hopefully they’ll fix this or maybe they plan to transfer to the different domain name for some reason.

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