Kids Skate Free Program Offers Free Skating for Kids at Roller Rinks around the U.S.

The Kids Skate Free program is offering free roller skating for kids at rinks around the U.S.

Kids Skate Free is a way for kids to enjoy free access to roller rinks during the summer.

All of the Participating Roller Rinks have different skating times, dates of availability, and age ranges for kids, so check your local rink for specific details.

You can then register with your local skating center to receive your free skate passes.

Coupons are sent via email to the parent or guardian on file.

There are a limited number of participating roller rinks, but then again, there are also a limited number of skating rinks around anymore in general.

My neighborhood rink closed years ago, and if your local rink isn’t participating in Kids Skate Free, try to inform them about the program, and maybe they’ll start a free skating session for your kids.

Between Kids Skate Free and the Kids Bowl Free Program, you should be able to keep your kids pretty busy this summer.

Register for Kids Skate Free to get free skating passes for your local roller rink.

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