Redbox 10 Days of Deals Promotion for Redbox Discounts through August 24, 2011

Redbox is currently running a 10 Days of Deals promotion that offers Redbox rental discounts through August 24, 2011.

Just text the word DEALS to 727272 every day for a new Redbox promo code.

The discount you’ll get will either be $.10, $.25, $.50, or $1.

The Redbox code can be used toward the first-day rental of anything at a Redbox kiosk and is good for a discount off the standard daily rental fee.

Check out this Redbox 10 Days of Deals offer for more details.

There is a limit of 1 code per day that is good for 1-time use only.

You can also use these Redbox Promo Codes or participate in the Redbox Referral Program to get free Redbox rentals.

Take advantage of the 10 Days of Deals promotion from Redbox to get rental discount codes.

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