SendEarnings Offers Free Cash for Online Activities with $5 Sign-Up Bonus

SendEarnings is a free program that pays you to complete online activities like Internet searches, surveys, games, and other tasks, plus you get a $5 sign-up bonus just for joining.

Just sign up for free and confirm your email to get the SendEarnings $5 New Account Bonus, and once the earnings in your account reach $30, you can request a check.

You’ll also be credited 10% of the qualified earnings received by your referrals, so you can earn more cash when you share this opportunity with your friends.

How To Reach First $30 in Rewards

The free $5 sign-up bonus really means nothing, unless you can reach the $30 threshold that is required to get your first check, so here are some ways that you can earn more cash for completing SendEarnings activities.

Cash Offers

Similar to many Shopping Rebate Networks, SendEarnings pays you to sign up for various services and products through their network.

For instance, you can earn $1 when you join the free Upromise College Savings Program through SendEarnings, but the best part is that you’ll get a $5 gift card after you make a purchase through Upromise, which you wouldn’t otherwise get just for joining Upromise outside of SendEarnings.

You can earn $3 for joining the Personal Finance Management Service and linking 3 accounts.

You can earn $2 for joining the Plink Rewards Program, which pays you to shop at participating merchants with your registered credit card.

You can earn $15 to sign up for the Discover it Card, although you could earn a $75 Gift Card if you signed up through the Amazon Credit Card Incentives Program.

You can earn $12 to sign up for the Chase Freedom card with a $50 bonus, although the regular Chase Freedom Bonus is $100, so this offer is not the best deal available for that card.

You can get $6 to join AARP, which is an easy extra $6 if you plan on joining either way.

You can get $5 to sign up for Sam’s Club membership.

You can earn $6 when you sign up for a 7-day trial, or $1 to sign up for Credit Karma.

You can earn $5 for starting an 14-day trial and keeping the trial for at least 10 days before you cancel.

You can earn $2 for signing up for the MyView survey rewards site.

Plus, there are many other offers just like these to help you reach the $30 minimum requirement to get your first check.


SendEarnings offers the opportunity to earn up to $0.50 for each survey that you complete with new surveys every day.

For the $0.50 surveys, you can complete 2 per day, so you could reach your $30 threshold to receive a check in less than a month by taking some time to complete these surveys every day.

There are also other surveys like the Big Buck Survey that pays you $2.25 to complete.

Internet Searches

SendEarnings will also pay you to search the Internet.

However, you will only earn $0.01 for each 2 qualified searches with a maximum of $0.15 per day, so it’s not quite as lucrative as the Swag Bucks Search Rewards Program.

Additionally, any week where you search 4 or more days, you will receive a $0.05 search loyalty reward, and Gold Members will receive $0.10 for the search loyalty reward.

Referral Rewards

You can refer your friends to SendEarnings, and you will be credited 10% of the qualified earnings that are received by your referrals.

They even offer online referral links and banners that you can use on your social networks or blog.

Gold Membership

Once the earnings in your account reach $30, you can request a check.

When your check is processed and you receive it, you’ll instantly become a Gold Member, which gives you access to even more rewards.

SendEarnings is a pretty decent Get Paid To Website if you’ve got some free time on your hands and want to earn extra cash online.

Sign up for SendEarnings to get a $5 new account bonus and start completing activities to reach your first $30 check.

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