BP Driver Rewards Program Offers Gas Discounts at BP Stations

The BP Driver Rewards Program helps you save money on gas purchases at BP stations.

You can get a free BP Driver Rewards card online or at your local BP station.

Once you activate your card online, you just swipe it at the pump to earn and redeem your rewards.

New members will earn an instant reward of 10 cents per gallon upon registration, which is redeemable for a 1-time fill of up to 20 gallons.

You’ll also earn 5 cents per gallon for every 20 gallons of fuel purchased, following a minimum of 2 transactions totaling 20 gallons.

You’ll earn rewards on all grades of BP gasoline and diesel.

Check out the BP Driver Rewards Program to request your card online today.

This program is free and available at all participating BP stations, excluding Alabama.

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Sign up for the new BP Driver Rewards Program to get savings on gasoline at BP stations.


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