M&T Securities up to $500 IRA Rollover and Transfer Bonus Promotion

M&T Securities is offering up to a $500 bonus when you rollover or transfer qualifying funds into a new or existing Traditional or Roth IRA brokerage account with M&T Securities by December 31, 2015.

You’ll earn a $100 bonus for between $25,000 and $99,999 in funding, a $250 bonus for between $100,000 and $249,999 in funding, and $500 for $250,000 or more in funding.

Check out this M&T Securities IRA Bonus Offer to submit your request today.

M&T Securities Promotional Details

The rollover/transfer must come from an IRA not held at MTS or any of its affiliated companies, or from a tax-qualified retirement plan of a former employer.

This offer is not available for rollovers/transfers to tax-qualified employer plans, to ERISA plans, to non-IRA accounts, from an M&T retirement plan, or from employer plans held at M&T and its affiliates.

This offer is limited to 1 Rollover Bonus per individual.

This offer is available to U.S. residents only.

To qualify, you must be eligible to make additional 2015 IRA contributions.

Employees and contractors of M&T and its affiliates are not eligible.

MTS must receive your transferred or rolled-over IRA or retirement plan account assets within 60 calendar days of the date that they receive your first properly completed and signed transfer request form.

The transferred or rolled-over assets must remain in your MTS IRA through the date that MTS calculates and pays your Rollover Bonus amount into your MTS IRA.

The Rollover Bonus amount, if any, will be calculated and paid within 120 calendar days after the date MTS first receives your qualifying rollover/transfer amount.

The Rollover Bonus will be paid directly into your MTS IRA as a current year contribution, and no substitutions or other forms of payment will be permitted.

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Invest in an IRA with M&T Securities to earn up to $500 in bonus cash.


  1. Jose says

    I’ve often been tempted to take up some of the offers the brokerage houses make to bring in new customers. In the end, even though I’m giving up free money, I usually don’t. The few that I have made inquiries on won’t do transfers “in kind” meaning that they would not allow you to transfer securities from one account to another. You would need to sell the securities that you needed to fund the account, transfer the money then rebuy the securities again. Too much trouble and too much expense.

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