Prosper $100 Borrower Referral Bonus for Prosper Lenders

The Prosper peer lending network is offering a $100 borrower referral bonus for current Prosper lenders who refer a new borrower to the Prosper peer-to-peer lending network.

Just refer a new borrower to the Prosper Network to earn a $100 referral bonus from

If you are not a current Prosper lender, it is free to join and invest your money to earn high interest rates from the Prosper investment network.

Prosper only accepts borrowers with better credit ratings, so your investments are safer with Prosper lending, plus you can handpick your loans and only invest in borrowers that meet your specific requirements.

Once you Join Prosper as a Lender, you will then earn a $100 bonus for each new borrower you refer.

When your referral becomes a borrower, you’ll earn $100 as soon as they get a loan and make their first monthly payment.

You can send Prosper email referral invitations via the Connections section of your Prosper account.

Your referral must join Prosper within 30 days of clicking on the link in your email invitation, and within 90 days of joining Prosper, your referral must get a funded loan as a borrower.

As soon as your referral’s first monthly payment clears, you’ll receive a $100 cash award in your Prosper account.

You can only earn 1 borrower award per new referred member.

Check out this Lending Club Bonus as well to earn a bonus when you sign up for a free Lending Club investment account.

Join Prosper today to earn high interest rates as an investor, plus earn a $100 cash bonus for each new borrower you refer to the Prosper peer lending network.

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