SogoTrade Account 100 Free Trades Promotion and $100 Account Transfer Reimbursement

SogoTrade is currently offering 100 Free Trades when you open a new SogoTrade account, plus you can earn up to $100 in account transfer fee reimbursements when you switch from your current online brokerage account to SogoTrade.

Take advantage of these SogoTrade promotional offers to get 100 free trades and $100 in brokerage account transfer fee reimbursements.

SogoTrade 100 Free Trades Promotion

You’ll get 100 Free Trades from SogoTrade when you open a new qualified SogoTrade account by completing the online application.

You must meet SogoTrade’s $500 account minimum by depositing funds or transferring an account from another broker.

You’ll receive 100 free trades that are good for 30 days.

Your free trades will be applicable to online equity trades of stock priced at $1 or higher and to the base commission of online options trades (per contract fees will still apply).

This New Account Rewards Promotion is valid for individual and joint SogoTrade brokerage accounts only.

To qualify for New Account Rewards, individual account applicants must be new SogoTrade account holders that have not previously opened a SogoTrade or SogoElite brokerage account.

In the instance of joint accounts, at least 1 of the joint account holders must be a new SogoTrade account holder that has not previously opened a SogoTrade, SogoInvest, or SogoElite brokerage account.

Internal transfers from an existing SogoTrade or SogoElite brokerage account cannot be used to satisfy the new account’s minimum equity requirement.

SogoTrade will credit the new brokerage account with New Account Rewards within 5 business days of the satisfaction of all New Account Rewards Promotion’s requirements.

Visit the commission plan details page to check the status of your reward, and once the reward has been credited to your account, you can start trading for free.

New Account Rewards will expire 30 days from the date of issue, upon which unused rewards will become invalid.

Free trade rewards are not applicable to per contract fees of option trades, any broker-assisted trades, trades of stock priced below $1 per share. or trades of pink sheet stocks.

Limit orders executed over multiple days and orders modified after a partial execution on the same day will be treated as separate orders for reward trade calculation purposes.

Account holders may not select to which online equity trades New Account Rewards are applied.

Once you open a new SogoTrade account, you can earn 25 free trades for each new customer that you refer to SogoTrade through the SogoTrade Refer-a-Friend Program.

SogoTrade $100 Brokerage Account Transfer Reimbursement Promotion

Transfer another brokerage account to SogoTrade that is worth at least $25,000 and get up to a $100 Transfer Fee Reimbursement Bonus from SogoTrade.

When you complete an account transfer, valued at $25,000 or higher, from another brokerage to your SogoTrade account, SogoTrade will reimburse, up to a maximum of $100, the account transfer fees imposed by the other broker.

You must apply for the ACAT reimbursement by completing and submitting a SogoTrade Account Transfer Reimbursement Request form and providing an account statement to SogoTrade as proof of the imposed transfer fees.

The Account Transfer Reimbursement Request form and proof of transfer fees can be mailed or faxed to SogoTrade.

Reimbursements will be made to your account via a credit within 30 days of receipt of the Account Transfer Reimbursement Request form and proof of transfer fees.

Your SogoTrade account must remain open and maintain a minimum equity of $500 for a period of at least 6 months, or SogoTrade may charge the account for any transfer fee reimbursement credits.

Offer is not valid for internal transfers between any 2 SogoTrade accounts, transfers between any 2 SogoElite accounts, or transfers between a SogoTrade and a SogoElite account.

Take advantage of these SogoTrade promotional offers to get $100 in account transfer reimbursement fees or 100 free trades when you open a new SogoTrade brokerage account.

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Open your new SogoTrade account today to receive 100 free trades, or transfer from your current broker to SogoTrade to get up to $100 in reimbursement bonuses.


  1. panka says

    you can use referral code 540046 to get 100 free trades

    The good:
    – Cheap trades, $3 for stocks > $1/share and $3+0.5% of trade value for stocks < $1/share.
    – Excellent share availability for shorting. I short a lot of cheap penny stocks that run up 75%+ in a single day and sogotrade has most of them available. Sometimes they are the only broker who has shares for a certain stock for shorting.
    – Easy account creation, no hidden fees, no maintenance etc
    – Straightforward order execution, fast fills for even sub penny stocks
    – I never had any problem with their customer service. Very fast response if you call them.

    The bad:
    – No real time scanners for OTCBB
    – Cannot trade pink sheets with them
    – Account tracking is very basic compared to other brokers.

    Overall, a great broker to start trading..excellent if you short stocks and have a small portfolio so do not want to pay a lot in commissions.

    If you found this review useful, sign up at the link below and we both get 25 free trades in addition to the 100 free trades you get when you sign up:

    Or you can use referral code 540046

  2. Adam Smith says

    I have been using SogoTrade for 2 years now and have been very satisfied with their service. The trades are very cheap ($3 per trade), there aren’t any hidden fees or tricks to take more money. No maintenance fees or any other fees. The trade ticker is real-time, and trades take place within 1 second, with the option to cancel until about 3 seconds after. I’ve called their support line about 8 times to ask information, and I always immediately got on the phone with an intelligent representative who knew the answers to my questions.

    To receive 25 free trades, use referral code 564838 when signing up for SogoTrade. The free trades are valid for 90 days after signing up. A minimum of $500 needs to be deposited before you can begin trading. You can do free ACH transfers to and from your bank account.

    SogoTrade is probably the cheapest online-trader there is, with a service that is on par or better than the three other companies I used to use for stock trading.

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