SogoTrade Brokerage Account Referral Program 25 Free Trades Promotion

The SogoTrade Refer-a-Friend program offers current SogoTrade brokerage account customers 25 free trades when you refer new customers to SogoTrade online trading.

Just refer a new customer to SogoTrade, and you’ll receive 25 free trades when they open a new qualified SogoTrade brokerage account.

Check out the SogoTrade Referral Program Offer to earn 25 free trades today if you are a current SogoTrade customer.

You can send referrals through SogoTrade’s online referral tool, or you can distribute your referral code and referral link directly to potential new customers through your social networks or blog.

Your referrals must meet SogoTrade’s $500 account minimum and place 1 online equity trade in order for you to receive the 25 free trades.

You’ll receive 25 free trades for each SogoTrade referral with no limit to the number of new customers that you can refer or the quantity of free trades that you can earn.

Your free trade rewards will be valid for 90 days and can be used for real-time market and limit orders or scheduled investment trades.

Review this SogoTrade 100 Free Trades New Account Bonus as well to earn 100 free trades or a $100 account transfer fee bonus when you open a new SogoTrade online broker account.

SogoTrade Refer-a-Friend Program Details

The referrer must have a qualified SogoTrade account in good standing. Qualified accounts in good standing are defined as Individual and Joint brokerage accounts that maintain SogoTrade’s $500 account equity minimum.

For the referrer to qualify for referral rewards, referred friends must:

1. Open an individual or joint SogoTrade brokerage account and enter the referrer’s referral code on the account application.

2. Meet and maintain SogoTrade’s $500 account equity minimum in the account through a funds deposit or asset transfer from an outside brokerage account (internal transfers from anther SogoTrade, SogoInvest, or SogoTrade account cannot be used to satisfy the account minimum).

3. Place at least 1 online equity trade.

Referred accounts must be maintained with SogoTrade for a period of at least 3 months from the account approval date in order for the referrer to fully qualify for the referral rewards.

However, SogoTrade will credit referral rewards to the referrer’s account within 5 business days after requirements 1, 2, and 3 are met by the referred friend.

The referred new customer must possess a valid social security number.

Referred friends must be new SogoTrade account holders that have never opened a SogoTrade, SogoInvest, or SogoElite brokerage account prior to being referred.

In order to receive referral rewards for referring a joint account, both referred joint account holders must be new SogoTrade account holders.

Referrals are tracked through either referral codes or referral links.

SogoTrade will not apply any referral rewards if referred friends do not enter or do not correctly enter the referrer’s referral code on the online or paper account application.

Refer-a-Friend rewards offset the first 25 online equity trade commissions once they are credited to the referrer’s account.

The referrer cannot select to which online equity trades referral rewards are applied.

Reward trades offset base commissions only and do not cover any additional commission charges.

Referral rewards will expire 90 days from the date of issue.

Employees of Wang Investments and companies affiliated with Wang Investments are ineligible for this offer.

Take advantage of this SogoTrade referral program bonus to earn 25 free trades for each new customer that you refer to SogoTrade.

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Please feel free to exchange SogoTrade referral information in the comments section below this article to earn free trades from SogoTrade.


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    get 125 free trades in addition to the $100 when you sign up:

    Use referral code 540046

    get 100+25 free trades valid for 3 months.

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