Wealthfront Invite Program Waives Advisory Fees on Extra $5,000 of Investments

The Wealthfront investment service offers to waive the advisory fees on an additional $5,000 of assets for both new and current customers via the Wealthfront Invite Program.

About Wealthfront

Wealthfront is an automated investment service that will manage a diversified, continually rebalanced portfolio of index funds for you with very low fees.

The minimum amount to open and maintain a Wealthfront account is $5,000, which provides an optimized allocation across 7 asset classes for taxable accounts and 8 asset classes for tax-deferred accounts.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $2,500, and they cannot honor partial withdrawal requests that would leave your account below the required $5,000 minimum balance.

Wealthfront does not charge an advisory fee on the first $10,000 of assets under management.

On amounts over $10,000, they charge a monthly advisory fee based on an annual fee rate of 0.25%.

The only other fee that you incur is the very low fee embedded in the cost of the ETFs you will own that averages 0.17%.

Plus, through the Wealthfront Invite Program, you can lower your annual advisory fee even more.

Wealthfront Referral Link

If you are new to Wealthfront, you can sign up through this Wealthfront Referral Link from Matt Mullenweg, who is one of Wealthfront’s investors.

By signing up for Wealthfront through this invitation link, you’ll get $15,000 managed for free ($10,000 standard plus an extra $5,000).

So you will receive an increase of $5,000 in the amount that they manage for free just for joining through a current customer’s referral link.

The referrer will get an additional $5,000 managed for free as well, so everybody wins.

Wealthfront Invite Program Details

The Wealthfront Invite Program allows you to lower your annual advisory fee.

If you are a current Wealthfront customer, you can refer your friends via the Wealthfront Invite Program, which you can access when logged in to your account.

When you invite your friends, Wealthfront will waive the fees on an additional $5,000 for both you and your friend when they fund an account.

You can reduce your account fees for every person that you invite who funds an account with Wealthfront.

If you are a new Wealthfront customer, you can participate in the Wealthfront Invite Program by opening and funding an account through a referral link, so that you will receive an increase of $5,000 in the amount they manage for free.

Exchange Wealthfront Referrals

Please feel free to post your Wealthfront referral links in the comments below this article to share with other readers.

You may also share your experiences with Wealthfront or alternative managed investment services.

Review the Personal Capital Referral Program as well for more automated investing options.

Sign up for Wealthfront to receive an extra $5,000 of waived advisory fees in your investment portfolio through the Wealthfront Invite Program.


  1. Jamie says

    The 10k is managed for free forever. Is this 5k managed for free only for a year due to referral? Or forever? Or for some other length of time?

    • Chris says

      The extra $5k is managed for free forever. And it’s cumulative, so the more people you refer, the more you get managed for free!

  2. Johnathan Do says

    Hello! $15000 managed for free: http://wlth.fr/1uDc8Vs

    Wealthfront is very intuitive and easy to use. I like easy it is to do a rollover from my old 401k and to see how your money is doing. Join with the link I posted and you can get $15000 managed for free!!

    Hope your experience with Wealthfront is great.

  3. Jeff says

    I have been fairly active in managing my own funds, but with a baby coming I’ve been looking for a solution to automate much of the management of my investments. Wealthfront is easy, builds optimized portfolios in a way that is sound according to academic theory and has a very reasonable fees structure. In addition, with higher balances, they offer some very interesting tax loss harvesting solutions. Use this referral link for an additional 5k in assets under management without fees. http://wlth.fr/1tXmwJz Full disclosure: I also receive an additional 5k in assets managed free for referrals. Happy investing!

  4. Helena says

    I’m a beginner investor who’s looking to save up some money for a condo. I’ve started using Wealthfront after hearing all the great things about it. It is really simple to use and the fees are really low compared to other online trading firms I’ve researched (if you are looking to try it out, there is NO FEE for the first $10000). Below is my referral link for you to invest an additional $5000 without fees. (I will also be able to put in another $5000 for free too):


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