Boatbound Boat Renting Service $25 New User Bonus and $100 Referral Program Credits

The Boatbound peer-to-peer boat renting service offers new users a free $25 credit toward your first boat rental, plus you can earn up to $100 in boating credits through the Boatbound referral program.

It’s free to join Boatbound and receive your $25 sign-up bonus credit toward your first boat rental.

Once you become a member, when you friends sign up through your referral link and rent on Boatbound, you’ll earn up to $100 in free boating credits for each person that you invite.

Boatbound $25 New User Credit

Sign up through this Boatbound $25 Referral Credit Link to get $25 in boating credits to use on your first rental.

Boatbound up to $100 Referral Program Credits

You’ll receive a $25 boating credit when your referrals rent a boat.

You’ll earn a $75 boating credit when your referrals rent out their boat.

After becoming a member, your referrals must either request a booking of a boat that is confirmed by the applicable owner or create a boat rental listing that subsequently receives a confirmed booking with total fees of at least $200 and is not subsequently canceled.

You can refer your friends using your unique Boatbound referral link or via Facebook and Twitter.

How To Use Your Boatbound Credits

When you rent a boat, your boating credits lower the rental cost, and if you have enough credits, you can rent a boat for free.

Boating credits expire 1 year after you earn them.

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If you want to enjoy boating, but you don’t own a boat, or if you have a boat that you want to rent out for some extra cash, participate in the Boatbound boat sharing service today.

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