Dropbox File Hosting Service Referral Program Free 500 MB Bonus Space

The Dropbox referral program offers both parties 500 MB of free online storage space when a current user refers a new user who joins and installs Dropbox on their computer.

Dropbox is a file hosting service for all of your photos, docs, videos, and files that provides free cloud storage and file synchronization from any computer, mobile device, or even the Dropbox website, plus Dropbox allows you to share your files with others, so that multiple people can view and work on synchronized files.

It’s free to sign up for a Dropbox Basic account that includes 2 GB of storage space, or you can pay $9.99 per month for a Pro account with 100 GB of storage or $15 per month for a Business account with unlimited storage for 5 or more users.

Plus, you can get up to an extra 16 GB of free storage space by inviting your friends to Dropbox.

How the Dropbox Referral Program Works

When a current Dropbox user refers a new user to Dropbox, you will both get 500 MB of bonus space for up to a limit of 16 GB of bonus space from referrals with a free Dropbox Basic account.

If you are a new Dropbox user, you can sign up through this Dropbox Referral Link to get 500 MB of bonus space when you join and install Dropbox on your computer.

In order to qualify for the bonus referral space for both parties, new Dropbox users must sign up through a referral link and create an account via the Dropbox desktop application.

Once you are a Dropbox member, you can refer your friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, and your unique referral link that you can post anywhere you want, including the comments below this article.

Current Dropbox users will get 500 MB of bonus space for each referral who joins and installs Dropbox, plus the new users will receive 500 MB of bonus space as well, so everybody benefits.

Dropbox Basic accounts can earn up to 16 GB of free referral space, not including the 2 GB of free space already provided for Dropbox Basic accounts, which means that you can get a total of 18 GB of free space plus whatever other free space you might earn.

Dropbox Pro subscribers will earn 1 GB of free space for referrals for up to 32 GB in free referral space (in addition to the 100 GB of storage space that comes with the Dropbox Pro plan).

To participate in the Dropbox referral program, just visit the Referrals link that appears under the Community section on the bottom of the Dropbox website.

Other Ways To Earn Free Dropbox Space

There are several other ways to earn more free online storage space with your Dropbox account including:

  • Complete the “Get Started” Guide.
  • Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Dropbox, and follow Dropbox on Twitter.
  • Upload your photos with Carousel, the new gallery from Dropbox for all of your photos and videos.
  • Send Dropbox feedback.
  • Like Dropbox with your Mailbox for iOS account.

Just visit the Get More Space page within your Dropbox account to complete any of these actions.

Review these other Referral Program Bonuses as well for more opportunities to earn free rewards for referring your friends to popular merchants and services.

Refer your friends to Dropbox to get free cloud storage space.

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