Ibotta Shopping App $5 Referral Bonuses for Current Members

The Ibotta shopping reward app is offering current members a $5 referral bonus for each new Ibotta user that you refer after they redeem their first rebate.

Just register for a free Ibotta account to get started.

For each friend that you refer who joins the Ibotta app and redeems their first rebate, you will receive a $5 referral bonus.

How To Refer People to Ibotta

1. Visit the Invite Friends page by accessing the main menu of the app (click the 3 lines in the upper left corner).

2. Share your personal referral link that is available on the Invite Friends page, or share referrals via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Current Ibotta users may feel free to share your referral link in the comments section below this article.

New Member Requirements for Ibotta Referral Bonus

Your referrals must complete the following 3 steps for you to receive credit for a referral:

1. Register with Ibotta using your personal referral link or referral code.

2. Download the Ibotta app on their own unique device.

3. Complete their first shopping rebate using the Ibotta app on their own unique device.

Once your referrals complete those 3 steps, you’ll receive your cash reward.

How Many People Can You Refer?

You can refer as many people as you want.

However, each friend that you invite must use a different device, so customers cannot share the same iPad/iPod/iPhone/Android for multiple accounts.

Cashing Out with Ibotta

You can cash out your Ibotta rebates via PayPal and Venmo as well as for gift cards from Whole Foods, Starbucks, Regal, and iTunes.

PayPal and Venmo have $5 minimums to cash out, while there is a $10 minimum to get a gift card.

If you choose to cash out via Venmo, then you can also get a $3 bonus from Venmo for first-time users.

Take advantage of the Ibotta referral program to receive $5 credits for referring new Ibotta users.


  1. Steve Smith says

    Cool….I’d be thrilled if anyone that reads this blog decided to try Ibotta and used my referral link to become teammates.The referral is


    Ibotta is great by the way. It gives rebates for common household items. This week they have rebates for any brand of milk, bread, cereal, eggs, icecream, candy, soda, or orange juice. If you redeemed all of those items (generic or brand items), you’d get $2.00 back.

    If you join my team and multiple people sign up, then after $10, so if 4 people redeemed those items, then each of us would get an extra dollar.

    Hope to find you as a teammate. Let’s go find some rebates.


    • nisha says

      Hello smith,

      I have already more then 4 members, but i didn’t get any 1 dollar. So i don’t think so anyone will get one extra dollar.

  2. nisha says

    Hello Friends !!!
    Any brand rebates are here again as: Any brand Bread, egg, cereal, Milk, baking mix.., So make your Breakfast healthy with cash back on your purchases.
    And also very good rebate deals for Black Friday purchases.So come here and Join and Enjoy… :)

    Awsum APP !!
    I love using ibotta !
    This app is so easy to use and has really helped to save a good bit of money through gift cards, direct paypal deposit . It’s a great app!
    Would be so sweet of yours to use my referral link!

    Here is my referral link:


    In referral option u can directly put the code: qzp8w

    By using this u will get 2$ bonus and i will get 5$.
    Post your link here and u will too get referral bonuses and team mates for sure.
    Enjoy 2$ and also TEAM BONUSES , so use d above code , make a team and enjoy bonus $(bucks).

    * Make sure : redeems a rebate within 10 days of signing up to earn their Welcome Bonus

    Thanx :)

  3. Vincent says

    Please use my Ibotta referral link if possible. I found this app useful for Black Friday, and will probably be useful again for future shopping.

    Join my team by using the referral code when registering on an app: mueloni

    If you are using desktop to register, please use this referral link to register: http://ibotta.com/r/mueloni

    I look forward to you being on my team so we can earn more together!

  4. Travelloophole says

    December’s bonus is $30 when you and your teammates redeem $30 in rebates! This is iBotta’s best bonus ever. Join my team and lets earn some real cash this holiday season. Earn online at Kohl’s and other popular retailers also!

    Please use my referral code: muugwbu

    Let me help you max out your bonuses every month. Happy Holidays!

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