Refer A Friend Offers $25 Free Trial Loan Promotion currently has a refer-a-friend promotion where each person signing up gets $25 free to make a loan.

Updated 4/23/2014: Kiva is giving away codes to lend $25 when you Retweet This Message on Twitter for a limited time. Just Retweet the message, and they will DM you a code.

There are only 22,000 free credits remaining, so sign up for this promo to make a $25 loan to people in need today.

Just visit this Referral Link that was provided to us by a reader.

Free trial loans are available while supplies last to the first users who join Kiva through this promotion and make a free trial loan.

These free trials will be financed by friends of Kiva, allowing the new lender to make 1 $25 loan free of charge.

These free trial loans are disbursed to borrowers in the same way other loans are disbursed on Kiva.

However, since the sponsor is funding the free trial loan, any repayment funds from the free trial loan will go back to the sponsor, not to the free trial lender.

New lenders invited during the promotion may choose to use your own funds to make a loan, in which case repayments will go back to the lender.

Supplies of free trials are limited to 1 per new user, and will be made available on a first claimed basis.

Kiva is a Peer Lending Network that allows you to make loans to small business owners around the world in need.

Make a $25 free loan on today.

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