SpotHero Prepaid Parking Service $5 Referral Bonus Program

The SpotHero prepaid parking service offers a $5 referral bonus credit to both parties to use toward parking in major cities.

$5 Instant Credit for New SpotHero Customers

If you are new to SpotHero, just sign up through this SpotHero $5 Referral Link to get an instant $5 credit to use toward future parking.

You’ll just need to create an account and confirm your email address to receive your $5 credit.

You can then use your $5 credit toward your next SpotHere parking reservation.

About SpotHero

SpotHero allows you to prepay for parking at discounted rates before you go to an event, such as stadiums, theaters, landmarks, hotels, restaurants, universities, and events.

SpotHero is available in major cities including Chicago, Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Newark, Baltimore, and Milwaukee.

You’ll get a discounted rate when you prepay for parking through SpotHero, and SpotHero guarantees that you will never pay more than the drive up rate.

How SpotHero Works

1. Just Visit SpotHero and type in an address to compare discounted parking options that are nearby.

2. Use your credit card to reserve your parking for the specific dates and times that you want to park.

3. Bring your email confirmation to the garage when you go to park.

SpotHero Prepaid Parking Service $5 Referral Bonus Program

SpotHero $5 Referral Program Bonus

The SpotHero referral rewards program offers both current and new customers a $5 bonus credit.

When current SpotHero customers refer new customers who use SpotHero to park, you will both receive a $5 credit.

The new customer will receive the $5 credit instantly, while the current customer will receive the $5 credit after the new customer completes their first parking reservation.

You can then use the $5 credits toward future parking.

You can share referrals with your friends using your unique referral link as well as via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

There is a limit of $250 in SpotHere referral credits that you can earn.

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Take advantage of the SpotHero referral program to get a free $5 credit toward your first parking reservation if you are a new SpotHero customer, plus get $5 for referring your friends.


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