Uber Driver Service $20 Referral Program Credits for Both Parties When You Request a Ride

The Uber driver service referral program bonus is now $20 in Uber credits for both parties, but there is a special promo code available for new users to earn $25 in free ride credit.

Updated July 21, 2015: If you’re new to Uber, open your Uber app and enter the Promo Code ​LOLLA2015 to get $25 off your first ride. This offer is available for a limited time with no specific expiration date given.

New Uber customers can receive $20 of Uber credit toward your first ride when you sign up with the Invite Code wcq4y (provided by reader).

The $20 in Uber credit that is given to new customers will not expire.

Plus, current Uber customers will receive a $20 credit for every friend that takes a ride.

$20 Uber Referral Program Details Below

Uber is an on-demand private driver service that is available in select major cities and allows you to request a ride at any time.

Current Uber customers will earn $20 in Uber credit when you refer a new customer who takes at least 1 ride.

New Uber customers will receive $20 off your first ride when you sign up through a current customer’s referral, so everybody wins.

If you are a current customer, simply sign in to your account on Uber.com and select the Invite Friends menu, where you can personalize your own Uber referral code to share with your friends.

There is no limit to the amount of referral bonuses that you can earn.

Check out the Uber Blog for more details about the referral program.

$20 Uber Referral Link

Just sign up through this $20 Uber Referral Link that was provided to us by a reader to get $20 off your first ride.

Just click through the above link or use Promo Code ubertencredit to get your $20 discount off your first ride.

Exchange Uber Referrals

Please feel free to post your Uber referral promotional code in the comments section below this article if you are a current Uber member, so that potential new members may use it.

Exchange Uber referrals with other members to earn a $20 credit for both parties.

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Participate in the Uber referral program to earn $20 credits for both parties.


  1. manny says

    Get $10 free uber ride credit! Never Expires.

    follow the link or use code UBERTENCREDIT when signing up

  2. Gabriel says


    PROMO CODE: 5Q512

  3. AJ says

    Go for safe ride

    $20 sidecar CREDIT for free ride- Inter code AJ323

    $30 lyft CRADIT for free ride- inter BL981611

    ☯ ♥ ♛

  4. Taylor Hogan says

    Earn $150 dollars when you sign up to drive for Uber using the code UBZ5B.

    New riders can use this code for $20 dollars in uber rides!

  5. John says

    Sweet deal if you’re planning on signing up with UBER!!

    UBER is offering $300 signup bonus, along with an additional $100 (when you get a free vehicle inspection), if you have a referral code.

    After first 10 trips w/ in first 30 days : you get the $100 bonus.
    After (the following) 20 trips w/ in first 30 days : you get the extra $300 bonus!
    So total of $400–within your first 30 days

    If you use my sign-up code ( m81ryue ), i also get a bonus. :}

    Go here (copy / paste this into your web browser):

    {If you do not sign-up with a referral code, you cannot receive the bonus(es).}

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