Upromise Referral Bonus $20 for Both New and Current Members

The Upromise referral program is now offering a $20 bonus for both new and current members, available for new accounts opened by July 25, 2015.

New Upromise members can earn a $20 bonus after your first purchase just for joining the free Upromise college savings program through a current member’s referral link.

Plus, current Upromise members will receive a $20 bonus for each new member that you refer.

Current members can refer up to 10 new members via this promotion for a total of $200 in rewards.

The new member must make a qualifying purchase within 45 days of opening the new Upromise account in order to get the $20 bonus.

$20 Upromise New Member Bonus

If you need a referral, head on over to the comments section of these articles by Doctor Of Credit or Big Habitat to request a referral from other users.

If you were targeted for this promotion, you may also feel free to post your contact information in the below comments section in order to share referrals with other readers, and once you do, I’ll post your email below for other readers to contact you.

Request Your Referral Via Email From These Addresses:

When you sign up through the referral email by July 25, 2015, Upromise will deposit $20 into your new account to get you started.

Upromise Referral Program Details

Current Upromise members can earn $20 cash back for referring new valid Upromise members.

To get your $20 bonus, you must submit your referral’s email address through the link on the invitation page.

Your referral must enroll in Upromise through the enrollment invitation by July 25, 2015.

Your $20 cash back will be deposited into your Upromise account.

There is a maximum allowance of 10 referrals per member.

Learn more about the Upromise Program to start saving money for college for you or someone else.

You may feel free to post your referral info in the comments section below this article to refer new Upromise members, and I will post it in the above list when you do.


  1. A. S. says

    Anyone know if there’s a minimum purchase? I got a referral and would love to buy a ~$10 Amazon giftcard via eBay via upromise…

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