Alexander West Referral Program for 15% Discount and $20 Bonus Alexander West Dollars

The Alexander West referral program offers a 15% discount for new customers and a $20 bonus in Alexander West Dollars for each new Alexander West customer referral.

If you are a new Alexander West customer, you can receive a 15% discount off your first shirt when you use an Alexander West promotional code that is provided to you through an Alexander West customer referral.

Current Alexander West members will also receive a $20 bonus in Alexander West Dollars for each new customer you refer to Alexander West that purchases a shirt with your Alexander West referral code.

The Alexander West Referral Program is a win win referral program, as both the new customer referral and the referring customer benefit from the exchange.

Alexander West is a Manhattan-based clothier specializing in the finest custom-tailored shirts, custom tuxedo shirts, ties, and exquisite yet unique cufflinks.

Request Alexander West Referral Codes for 15% Discount

If you are a new Alexander West customer who would like to receive a 15% discount off your first shirt purchase, please feel free to email to request an Alexander West referral promo code.

Alexander West Referral Bonuses for Members

Alexander West members can earn $20 in Alexander West Dollars for each new customer they refer who purchases a new shirt.

Alexander West Dollars can be used toward future purchases at Alexander West.

You don’t necessarily have to be an Alexander West customer to earn referral bonuses, as you can sign up for an Alexander West account without ever having to make a purchase.

To send out referrals, you simply log in to your Alexander West account and send referrals through the email referral form.

Current members may refer an unlimited number of customers.

Alexander West Referral Program Details

When a referred customer creates an Alexander West account and purchases a shirt, the referring member will be rewarded with AW$20 (Alexander West Dollars), which can be used toward their next purchase.

Also, within a limited time period, the person who is referred will also receive 15% off their first shirt purchase.

The referred individuals must use the referral code sent from the referring member to ensure they receive the 15% discount on their first purchase.

The AW$20 referral bonus will be valid for purchases upon the successful completion of the shirt purchasing process, which is completed 30 days after the receipt of the shirt by new customer.

The AW$20 is deposited in the referring members account at the time of the new referral account opening, but it is unavailable for use for 30 days after the referral receives the shirt.

In order to receive proper credit for the referrals, the referred person must utilize the Alexander West promotional code sent within the email invitation of the referring person.

Alexander West Dollars are good only for purchases on the Alexander West website.

AW$ can be used with any promotion and coupons sponsored by Alexander West except in cases where the promotion or coupon explicitly excludes the use of AW$.

Take advantage of the Alexander West referral program to earn a 15% discount off your first shirt purchase for new customers and to earn $20 Alexander West Dollars for each new customer you refer to Alexander West.

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