Amazon $10 Promo Code with $50 Gift Card Purchase – Targeted Offer will give you a free $10 promotional code with a $50 Gift Card purchase, valid for targeted customers only when you purchase the gift cards by October 31, 2014.

Just click on this Amazon Gift Card Promo Link to see if you qualify for this offer (you must be logged in to your account).

If you do qualify, you’ll see directions on how to redeem this promotion, and if you don’t qualify, you’ll see a notification that you are not eligible for this offer.

You must purchase a $50 Amazon Gift Card by October 31, 2014, to receive the $10 promotional code.

The $10 promotional code will be emailed to you by November 15, 2014, and it can be used toward future purchases for items sold by

The $10 promotional code must be used between November 15th and November 30, 2014.

This offer has been around on and off recently, but this is a new offer again.

I don’t personally qualify for this offer, but you may qualify, so give it a try if you are interested.


  1. Jim says

    Do you happen to know if the $10 bonus credit applies to multiple gift cards? If purchased all at same time? If purchased separately?

    • says

      Hello Jim,

      I believe this bonus is limited to 1 credit per customer.

      If you are asking if you can purchase multiple $50 gift cards and get a $10 bonus for each gift card, then I do not believe that you can.

      However, if you have any luck doing so, please let us know.

      Thanks for the comment. Max

  2. alex says

    When i follow the link, It says

    Give $50 in Amazon Gift Cards, Get a $10 Promotional Credit for Yourself

    Then it goes on to say
    Enter the promotional code in the “Gift Cards & Promotional Codes” box when you check out.

    Where do you get the promo code from? Or how do I get the promo code?

    • says

      Hello Alex,

      I think that may be referring to the $10 promotional code that you receive for completing the offer, which will be emailed to you after qualifying for the promotion.

      I can’t be sure, because I can’t see the offer right now, but I don’t believe a promo code is required when you purchase the $50 in gift cards.

      However, if you could copy and paste that information, maybe I could make sense of it, or possibly another reader could help us out in this situation.

      Is it saying that a promo code is required to complete the offer when you purchase the $50 in gift cards?

      Thanks, Max

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