Cashbaq Shopping Rebates Network $5 Free Registration Bonus

The Cashbaq shopping rebates network offers a $5 sign-up bonus when you register for a free account with Cashbaq.

Cashbaq offers cash rebates for shopping online at a variety of popular merchants through the Cashbaq rewards shopping network.

Just sign up for your free Cashbaq $5 Bonus, and you’ll earn cash rebates for shopping online at a wide range of brand-name stores and service providers.

It’s easy to sign up for Cashbaq in just seconds by simply providing your email address and creating a password.

There’s no verification process, and your $5 cash bonus instantly posts to your account, so there’s no waiting period.

In order to receive your first cash rewards check from Cashbaq, you must earn at least $10 in cash rebates, but this does include your $5 sign-up bonus, so you’ll only have to earn an extra $5 in cash shopping rebates to get your first check.

Cashbaq offers thousands of merchants and service providers including Dell,, Marriott Hotels, NetFlix, Borders, Weight Watchers, and many others, so you’ll easily find what you love in the Cashbaq shopping rewards network.

Plus, Cashbaq offers incredible shopping discounts on top of the cash rebates you’ll receive, so shopping through the Cashbaq shopping rebate network can save you a lot of money when shopping online.

Cashbaq Shopping Network 10% Referral Rewards

Not only does Cashbaq offer a free $5 registration bonus, but you can also earn 10% of your friend’s shopping rewards through the Cashbaq referral program.

You’ll receive 10% of what your referral’s earn, plus 5% of what their referral’s earn, and also 2% of what their referral’s earn.

This is absolutely free for you and your referrals, as Cashbaq pays for all of the extra rebates, and both you and your referrals (and their referrals) will all receive the same cash rebates when you shop online, so everybody wins.

It’s easy to refer new members via custom links, banners, and referral emails, all of which are provided through the easy-to-use Cashbaq interface.

Get your instant $5 Cashbaq Bonus today when you join Cashbaq in just seconds and begin shopping online for cash rebates, plus refer new shoppers for additional rebates.

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Sign up for your $5 Cashbaq rewards shopping network bonus today.


  1. Kim @ Free Cash Back Rebates says

    Thanks for the info about Cashbaq. I’m always looking for other cash back rebate shopping sites that offer good referral programs. I like that Mr Rebates pay outs 20% (on first level referrals), but I’m going to try Cashbaq too, because I think the 2nd & 3rd level payouts from referrals could really add up. Thanks!

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