Ebates Ambassador Bonus $5 for Qualified Referrals

The Ebates Ambassador Bonus is a $5 cash bonus that is occasionally applied to qualified Ebates customer accounts.

However, there is no clear description given within your Ebates account on how to earn the Ambassador Bonus, so we’ve contacted Ebates customer service to clarify the requirements for the $5 Ambassador Bonus.

According to Ebates customer service, my Ambassador Bonus qualifies me to earn a $5 bonus when 2 of my Ebates referrals make their first qualifying cash back purchase through the Ebates shopping network.

The terms of this offer may vary by customer, so it’s worth contacting Ebates customer service to confirm the details of your Ambassador Bonus to see how you can qualify to earn additional cash bonuses from Ebates.

I never received any notification that the Ambassador offer had been applied to my Ebates account, so you may also have to check your account to verify if you qualify for this offer.

To check if you qualify for the Ambassador Bonus, Login to Ebates, go to the My Ebates tab, then go to the Cash Pending page on the left-side menu.

On the bottom of the Cash Pending page under Promotions, you should see the $5 Ambassador Bonus offer listed if it has been applied to your account.

Then just make qualifying referrals to Ebates, and you’ll earn a $5 extra bonus in addition to the $5 standard bonus earned for each of your referrals.

If you’re not an Ebates member, check out the Ebates $10 Sign-Up Bonus Offer to get a $10 gift card when you join Ebates for free.

Take advantage of the Ebates Ambassador Bonus to get an extra $5 for your Ebates referrals.

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