Ebates Cash Back Rebates Now Redeemable as Amazon.com Gift Cards – $1 Bonus

The Ebates cash back shopping network is now allowing you to redeem your cash rewards as an Amazon.com gift card, valid for targeted members.

Updated 11/4/2013: Ebates is Offering $1 Bonus to Redeem Cash Back as Amazon.com Gift Card.

In their latest email to me, Ebates is offering a $1 bonus if I redeem my rebate earnings in the form of an Amazon.com Gift Card, instead of a check.

I have $10 in rewards, and they’re offering me an $11 Amazon.com Gift Card.

The regular cash back redemption methods for Ebates are via check or PayPal.

However, I have been receiving email notices from Ebates indicating that I can choose to receive my upcoming cash rewards check as an Amazon.com gift card instead.

This offer is only available to select Ebates members at this time, so it looks like it may be a targeted promotion.

You can visit this Ebates Amazon Gift Card Redemption Page and enter your Ebates password to see if you may qualify.

For the next upcoming payment, you have until the end of November 6th to respond to this offer, or else your check will be sent out on November 15th.

Ebates Amazon Gift Card Redemption

You should have received emails from Ebates for this offer if you are a qualifying member.

If you did receive email notifications, and you don’t want an Amazon gift card instead of your regular payment, then you don’t need to respond, and Ebates will send your normal Big Fat Check in the mail (or pay you via PayPal if you have selected that option).

I tried to log in to the My Ebates > Cash Back Method section of my online Ebates.com account, but they do not offer Amazon Gift Cards as an option there at this time.

You can also get a Ebates New Account Bonus for a $10 gift card or $5 in cash back rewards, if you are not already a member.

Get your Ebates cash rebates as an Amazon.com gift card with a $1 bonus if you are a qualifying member.


  1. robert says

    Why would you ever choose amazon gift cards when you could choose cash?!? This offer makes no sense unless the amazon gift cards are discounted…

    • says

      Hey Robert,

      I just updated the article, as Ebates is now offering a $1 bonus incentive if you redeem your earnings as an Amazon.com Gift Card instead of cash.

      This may still not be a good enough incentive compared to cash, but at least there’s a little something extra in the deal now.

      Thanks, Max

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