fuelperks Gas Rebates for Grocery Shopping Rewards

fuelperks is a gas rewards program that allows you to earn gas rebates for your grocery shopping spending.

fuelperks is a free gas rebate program that gives you discounts on your gas purchases based on how much money you spend at participating grocery stores.

fuelperks is available at participating grocery stores including BI-LO, Giant Eagle, Ukrop’s, Winn-Dixie, and Roundy’s stores including Copps, Pick’n Save, and Rainbows.

You’ll be able to redeem your gas rebates at participating gas stations depending on the grocery store where you shop, including BP, Sunoco, and other gas stations.

You’ll earn up to 10 cents in savings per gallon of gas for every $50 you spend on groceries at participating grocery stores.

The per-gallon gas savings are applied to each gallon for up to the maximum amount of gasoline allowed per fill-up.

For example, when you spend $50 on groceries, you’ll receive 10 cents per gallon in savings, and if you then fill up with 20 gallons of gasoline, you’ll save $2 on your entire gasoline purchase.

If you spend $150 on groceries, you’ll save 30 cents per gallon on gasoline purchases, which would be $6 in savings on 20 gallons of gas.

Check out the fuelperks website for more details on how to earn fuelperks gas rebates for your grocery shopping expenditures.

fuelperks Rewards Program Details

Check out the fuelperks rewards program details for participating grocery stores.

BI-LO fuelperks Rewards

Save 5 cents per gallon in savings for every $50 you spend at BI-LO, which can be redeemed for up to 20 gallons at Sunoco gas stations at a time.

Giant Eagle fuelperks Rewards

Earn 10 cents per gallon in savings for every $50 you spend at Giant Eagle and GetGo locations, which can be redeemed for up to 30 gallons of gas at GetGo locations at a time.

Roundy’s fuelperks Rewards

Earn 10 cents per gallon in savings for every $50 you spend at Copps, Pick’n Save, and Rainbow stores, which can be redeemed for up to 20 gallons of gas at BP gas stations at a time.

Ukrop’s fuelperks Rewards

Earn 5 cents per gallon in savings for every $50 you spend at Ukrop’s stores, which can be redeemed for up to 20 gallons of gas at Uppy’s and BP locations at a time.

Fredericksburg shoppers will save 10 cents per gallon for every $50 spent.

Winn-Dixie fuelperks Rewards

Earn 10 cents per gallon in savings for every $50 you spend at Winn-Dixie grocery stores, which can be redeemed for up to 20 gallons of gas at a time at participating gas stations including Fill-Ups Food Stores, Handi Mart, and Express Lane stores.

In most cases, the gas rewards savings you earn for your grocery spending will expire after 3 months, but make sure you check out the specific details of the fuelperks program for your participating grocery store to understand all of the features of your particular gas rewards program.

Visit the fuelperks Rewards Program for more details and to sign up for a fuelperks account.

However, depending on which grocery store you shop at, you may either be required to join fuelperks in your local grocery store or you may have the option to sign up for fuelperks online.

Take advantage of the fuelperks gas rebate program to earn gas rewards for your grocery store spending.

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  1. GeorgeT says

    Avoid stores with “fuel rewards” programs. You realize that these programs are just a shell game and a bad deal for consumers at that. What you were getting in grocery discounts is now the fuelperks program which according to the program creator is redeeming only a 60% of the earned points. So where a consumer used to receive the full value of a discount, they are now only getting 60% of the discount. I am amazed that people are cheering a discount program that is actually costing them more just becuase it has the word “fuel” in it.

  2. says

    Hello GeorgeT,

    I don’t think it’s necessary to completely avoid stores with fuel rewards programs altogether, but if there is a store with cheaper overall grocery prices (like a Walmart Superstore or other discount grocery store), then you would definitely save more money shopping at your discount grocery store in the long run than you would by shopping at a more expensive store just to participate in the fuel rewards program (if the participating store is generally more expensive).

    The fuelperks program is not based on points, so I’m not sure I understand the statement that according to the program creator the program is redeeming at 60% of the earned points, but I understand your general sentiment.

    Some of the participating stores for fuelperks did have previous discount programs, which the fuel rewards program may have replaced, and the previous program may have provided a better deal overall. However, those discount programs don’t exist anymore, so even though the fuelperks program may not provide as good of deals as the previous grocery discount programs, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take advantage of the current gas reward discounts if possible.

    I do agree that a lesser gas reward is not a substitute for a bigger purchase discount, so that’s something consumers have to be aware of when grocery shopping.

    Basically, if you can get cheaper prices somewhere else, then yes, you shouldn’t shop at a more expensive store just to get gas rewards, but if you are already shopping at certain stores or the prices on your purchases would be the same, then you might as well participate in the free fuel rewards program to get the additional savings.

    Thank you for your comments, we really appreciate it.


  3. Rebecca says

    I am writting to complain that I have had many times where my recite at copps said that I would have .30 cents off on the gallon. Then the verry next day or even same day the gas station says that there are no awards at this time. I have missed out on doing this twelve times. If you do not find some way to fix this I will stop shopping at copps all together because this is fauls addvertisment. I am not happy at all with this. Thanks

  4. Harriet White says

    I am writing to complain that I have had it to happened to me 2 times where I put my store card in the pump and it said that I had .30 cents off of a gallon I put in my credit card and filled my gas tank, it failed to give me my .30 cents off of a gallon. where I get my grocerys you have to spend 100.00, which I spent 600.00 dollars and didn’t get my discount on my gas. I could have went to another grocry store and for 600.00 dollars I would have got 1.20 off of gas. If you don’t get it straightened out and give me credit for the 2 times .30 cents that I lost I will go to the other store and get more off of gas.

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