Using Your Own Modem with AT&T Internet Services to Avoid Buying AT&T Modems

When you sign up for AT&T home Internet services, you’ll be told you must purchase a modem from AT&T in order to properly connect to your AT&T DSL Internet services.

However, if you already own a DSL modem, then this seems like a big waste of money and a ploy by AT&T to get you to purchase their modems.

You don’t necessarily need to purchase an AT&T modem to use their Internet services, but AT&T makes it hard to get the information you need to configure your current modem to work with AT&T Internet services if you don’t purchase a modem from AT&T.

If you’re not technically inclined, then you may just want to purchase an AT&T modem, but if you own your own modem already, you may want to consider trying to use your current modem before paying an additional $50 to $100 for a new modem from AT&T.

Here’s How to Configure Your Current Modem to Work with AT&T DSL Internet Services

AT&T modems use the PPPoE protocol to access the Internet, so you’ll first need to adjust your modem to use PPPoE.

Make sure your computer is connected to your modem, even if the Internet is not working.

You can then access your modem settings by entering into your browser, which should open your modem access window (or check on your modem info sheet to see how to access your modem settings).

Under the advanced modem settings, switch your Internet access protocol to PPPoE.

It will request a member ID and password for which you should enter:

Member ID:
Password: attreg

Your Internet indicator light on your modem should work after you change these settings, which will give you access to a specific AT&T server for setting up your Internet service.

Now enter into your browser, which will give you access to the AT&T member ID and password setup page.

Enter your appropriate information, and when it asks you if you have a current member ID and password, enter No, as this will then allow you to set up your personal member ID and password.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can then go back into your modem settings and change the PPPoE member ID and password to your new information.

You should now have full access to your AT&T Internet services, without having to use the AT&T modem, which can save you up to $100.

If you’re still having issues, make sure your modem settings for VPI/VCI are 0/35 respectively.

If you already have your own DSL modem when you sign up for AT&T DSL Internet services, then you may want to configure your own modem to work with AT&T before paying for a new AT&T modem.

If you are a current AT&T customer, check out the AT&T Rewards for Referrals Program to earn cash bonuses for referring customers to new AT&T services.

You may also be interested in more Computer Discounts for additional savings when working with computers.

Take advantage of using your current modem when you sign up for AT&T Internet services to avoid purchasing a new modem from AT&T.


  1. Greg Cushing says

    Thanks for this info. We are on our third ATT Motorola modem and all three have ended with the same symptoms. They start getting hot then they quit connecting to the internet. I have read where this particular modem is failing for everyone so I am interested in getting a new brand. Any suggestions and is this possible. The one I have now is a Motorola 2010 02 1006. Thank you

  2. says

    Hello Greg,

    Thank you for your comments.

    The modem I currently use for my AT&T DSL Internet connection is an Actiontec GT724WG.

    This is not one of the models sold or recommended for use by AT&T, but it works absolutely fine using the settings described in the above article.

    This was the modem I had been using previously with my TDS Internet connection, and I didn’t wish to purchase a new AT&T modem at an extra cost.

    So after much frustration, I finally figured out how to configure my Actiontec modem to work with my AT&T DSL connection, which is described in the article.

    I definitely recommend the Actiontec GT724WG, as it integrates a DSL modem, DSL router, and wireless networking all in one box, so it has everything you need.

    I’m not a technical expert by any means, and I’m sure many different DSL modems would work fine, but the Actiontec GT724WG works great for me.

    I hope this helps, and thanks again for your comments.


  3. AQ says

    Thanks for providing the member id and password need to start the registration process. AT&T is definitely making it as hard as possible to get around their modem markups. Connected with a Trendnet TDM-C400. Directly to a pc for now, will try to set up the wireless router later.

  4. sonny says

    hey AQ i just recently bought the Trendnet TDM-C400
    but i can’t seem to configure it out can you help me do this
    att says they are not supporting 3rd party routers
    and trendet support was wonderful but it seems as att is blocking or changin the settings so i cannot connect with the trendnet modem

  5. ck says

    Just use a cheap Trendnet($39) TDM-C400 from Frys. This one will work. But, I talked At&t tech and Trendnet tech for a couple of hours. Don’t listen At&t tech who will tell you they don’t support 3rd party router. One At&t tech tried to help me to resolve my connection. I am 100% sure it will work with At&t. Why do you want to pay more from At&t for the modem if you can use a cheaper one?

  6. Roberto says

    Yeah I just became a recent ATT Internet Customer and decided to buy a Netgear Modem/Router…they informed me because it’s a 3rd part I would have to pay 129.00 for the reconfiguration of the modem and I was like “BS! I am not paying money just to reconfigure” As all of us customers paying so much on internet and tv as it why would we pay extra just to reconfigure. I wish I googled this before because it took me 8 different ppl, 4 different departments 2 hangups and finally 1 guy that helped me go through the process. Don’t let ATT run you and push you around. By the way talking to a manager won’t work they’ll direct you to a disconnected phone number and you would have to call again. Not worth a breath or a dime. Don’t pay extra on your internet!!!

  7. joss says

    thanks for the info. I was on a chat with an at&t rep and they do “recommend” buying their modems. I am planning to switch from earthlink to at&t and so I do have a Trendnet modem/router that I just purchased 2 months ago. My question is will i be able to configure this model(TEW-635BRM) for at&t…. thanks

  8. Meagan says

    This might sound like a dumb question, but I was wondering if you do this, will you still be able to connect to Embarq Internet services?

  9. fran says

    how do you get around not ordering the modem ? whether you order the service on line or thru sales, they’re requiring you to buy the modem. the sale rep said there’s no opt out option for the modem.

  10. Elsy says

    I recently bought a actiontec GT784WN modem and I have ATT internet.
    I did all the steps and the internet just works for half an hour to three hours and then it goes off.
    What kind I do? I called ATT and they said that the problem is my pc.
    Should I reconfigured the modem again ?

  11. Sarah Jennings says

    Thanks a lot for the information.It only shows that everything is possible if and only if you are resourceful enough and knows how and what to do to a certain problem.But one question come up in mind Is there any possibilities that AT&T would blame the usage of third party modem if I asked a customer support if ever I’ve encountered any problem with Ethernet?Since I choose not to use what they recommend(that is AT&T modem).Answer’s, Comments and suggestions is highly appreciated!Thank You!

  12. Rodney Waggoner says

    I called ATT and they now want to charge me an extra $50 a month to make sure My Modem wotks correctly…. They are truely useless and since I live in the country I don’t have lots of options.

  13. anonymous says

    Would this Motorola SURFboard SB5101U DOCSIS 2.0 modem along with Linkys router compatible with at&t internet?


  14. J. Lara says

    Thank you for posting this solutions. I search google for “AT&T protocal config” and came up to this site. The problem I had with my router “Motorola Qwest 3347” it was the factory settin VPI/VCI to 0/32 so i changed to 0/35 the way is described on this site. It works! Thanks!!

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