Vitacost Rewards $10 Referral Bonuses for Both Parties at

The new Vitacost Rewards referral program is offering $10 bonuses for both parties when current members refer new members to

Vitacost is an online nutritional supplement store that offers low prices on name-brand health, wellness, and beauty products.

New Members Get $10 Off First Purchase at

Just sign up through this Vitacost Rewards $10 Referral Bonus Link to receive a $10 coupon toward your first purchase of $30 or more at

You’ll receive a $10 off $30 coupon instantly when you register through the above referral link.

Once you open your account, visit your Rewards Statement under the My Rewards tab drop-down menu, where you can access the promotional code for your $10 off coupon.

It’s important to note that the $10 off coupon for new accounts cannot be used toward shipping charges, as it is only applied toward the actual products purchased.

After you open your Vitacost Rewards account, you can then refer your friends to earn additional $10 bonus credits toward your future purchases at

Current Members Earn $10 for Referring New Members

Current members will earn a $10 referral bonus after each new member that you refer makes their first purchase.

There are no limits to the referral rewards that you can earn.

You can refer friends via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or the online referral form, plus the Facebook wall post option will provide you with a referral link that can be posted on your blog or other public forums.

Take advantage of the Vitacost Rewards referral program to earn $10 bonuses for both parties.

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Get a $10 instant bonus coupon when you join Vitacost Rewards, plus earn $10 for each new friend that you refer to


  1. Robert G. says

    Vitacost is terrible. I ordered from them last year and a month later my order had not shipped with no shipment date in sight. Their customer service was an absolute nightmare and I ended up canceling my order and ordering from another, more reliable website.

    Vitacost has good prices but the tradeoff appears to be that you may never actually receive your order. Buyer beware!

    • Sandy FInke says

      So sorry Robert u had a bad experience with Vitacost. I have pla

      ced 2 orders and received my order within 5 working days. Please try again.

  2. says

    Hello Robert,

    Sorry you had that terrible experience.

    I personally ordered from Vitacost when I posted this article on January 16th and I received my order on January 20th without any problems.

    The biggest issue for me was the shipping charges, but you get free shipping on orders over $49, so you just have to make a larger purchase to avoid the shipping fee.

    Anyway, maybe they’ve improved their services since you ordered, but I didn’t have any problems with them more recently.

    Thank you for your comments. Max

  3. Moenf says

    A friend referred me and I never got the $10 referral – and I could not find any “rewards” tab on It seems you have to redeem your reward through Either way, I never saw any $10 credit for signing up even though I went through my friends referral link. Doesn’t exactly make me want to refer others when their referral/redemption process still doesn’t seem to be bulletproof/guaranteed.

  4. Carol says

    I have used Vitacost for several years and love it. To get your rewards go to and under the drop down tab “My rewards” all your referrals will be there. Just click to have a code sent to your e-mail and the amount will come off your order. I just got $20 off my order! Yippee.

  5. Danna says

    I too referred several friends for the $l0 referral program and have never been able to find my monies, I have ordered since then still no reflection of rewards
    Have been a loyal customer may switch to puritans pride and see if they are more loyal to me than you are i am very disappointed

  6. Harry says

    I have been a Vitacost customer for over two years and they always ship my product within 3-4 days. Happy Harry, Alabaster, Alabama.

  7. Shawn says

    Mystery solved. I clicked on the “My Account” link in the upper right corner and then selected refer a friend. After my page came up with my link and my invites, If you see that you have money available, you can click on the “$” symbol to the right of your balance available. This will give you an option to redeem the whole balance or only one of the referrals if you have multiple ones. Click to generate and then it will give you your code for immediate usage on the website.

    I love this place although he customer service team did not see to familiar with the redemption process. No problems with fast shipping either.

  8. Jenn says

    could you please send me the referral link? I will spend over $30 and would love to get the discount. Please kindly help.

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