AT&T Refer-A-Friend Program Offers Both Parties $25 AT&T Promotion Cards

The new AT&T Refer-A-Friend program offers a $25 AT&T Promotion Card to both parties when a current customer refers a new customer to AT&T services.

AT&T Refer-A-Friend is an online-only program that allows AT&T customers to earn up to $575 a year for referring new customers to AT&T.

Services that are eligible for referral rewards include AT&T High Speed Internet, AT&T U-verse (voice, Internet, or TV), Wireline home phone service, and Wireless voice service.

Both parties will receive a $25 AT&T Promotion Card for each successful referral.

The AT&T Promotion Cards can be used to buy AT&T products and to pay AT&T service bills.

Participate in the AT&T Refer-A-Friend program if you are an AT&T customer or want to sign up for AT&T services.

How To Earn $25 Bonus for New AT&T Services

New AT&T customers can sign up for the AT&T Refer-A-Friend program and earn a $25 bonus for each qualifying AT&T service that you purchase or activate.

1. Use a current AT&T customer’s referral code when you register for the AT&T Refer-A-Friend Program.

2. You must register for the AT&T Refer-A-Friend program within 14 days of purchasing or activating your first AT&T service.

3. All qualifying services that are purchased or activated within 30 days of your first purchase or activation are eligible to earn rewards.

How To Earn $25 for New AT&T U-verse Services

You can also earn a $25 bonus when you sign up for new AT&T U-verse services.

Just sign up through a current customer’s referral link to earn a $25 bonus for each U-verse service that you join.

Sign up for all 3 U-verse services including Internet, phone, and cable to receive a $75 bonus for both parties.

Participate in the AT&T Refer-A-Friend program to earn bonus rewards for both parties with AT&T services including U-verse.

Exchange AT&T Referrals

Please feel free to exchange your referral codes or contact information in the comments section below this article.

If anybody would like to submit their referral link for U-verse, please also include that link in the comments section for use by other readers.

You can still access your information from the old AT&T Rewards for Referrals Program, if you’ve previously referred AT&T customers.

Get $25 bonuses when you sign up for AT&T services, plus refer your friends to earn even more cash rewards.


  1. Michael Pauly says

    How come know made me aware of this program.
    We just added 3 lines. It would have been good to know.
    Thank You,

    • JJ says

      If you are purchasing new qualifying AT&T services like AT&T High Speed Internet; AT&T U-verse (voice, Internet or TV); Digital Life (on a $39.99/mo. or higher rate plan); Wireline Home Phone service; Postpaid Wireless (on a $39.99/mo. or higher rate plan), then you and I can get $25 per service for using their referral program.

      Please use following referral code (case-sensitive) when registering at AT&T referral website: at&t

    • Becky Bryson says

      Is this ref code still active and worth the bonus of $25.00?
      If not and there is someone else out there already with AT&T, I am ready to make the $25, so bring on a CODE!!!

  2. Michael says

    ALSO, if you already purchased AT&T service, you may STILL be able to get your $25 – however, you must have purchased your service within the past 30 days. Just something to keep in mind!

  3. dennis says

    was told when i erfered a friend we would each get 75 off our phone bils she was hooked up tyoday i have had it since swpt 13 do not know what to do

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